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  1. i'm having the same problem i cant get it too boot with -s or USBFix=yes ... ive tried everything, but im trying to install on my hdd. i have tried installing ML, Lion, and Mavericks and same "missing Bluetooth Controller TRansport. everytime.. i installed osx 10.6.8 out of the box so it makes no sense unless my proccessor isnt supported any higher, amd athlon x2 3600+
  2. [i have been trying to install osx mountain lion becuase i kept getting the "PCI Conf begin" panic when trying install mavericks and now when i try to install ML 10.8.5 i get this: i have tried every possible flag PCIRootUID=1 =0 npci=0x3000 or 2000 -x -v -f -s GraphicsEnabler=NO'YES nothing is working.. i hope someone can help me -thanks in advance
  3. I had this same problem add BuiltInEthernet string to com.apple.boot.plist or chameleon in your example I don't want to go into full detail google how to add efi string to fix App Store verification (:
  4. could this have to do with my "onboard" not being supported.. i have read that most just buy a pci supported graphics card and they are able to boot into install with amd64
  5. i have tried all of the above i can get it to go to the apple logo but the wheel never spins, i dont understand why because i have a fully supported version of 10.6.8 installed and its running smoothly.. guess im not ment to upgrade also the tut you posted is for the 10.9.2 update
  6. Stuck at pci configuration begin on amd athlon x2 3600+ and geforce 6150LE "on board" I have a full and supported osx 10.6.8 installed but trying to load maverick installer I get "pci configuration begin" tried all boot flags.. Please help
  7. after the apple logo flashed did u let it keep running on its own and try to boot again all legacy kernal fresh installs do the "flash then reboot" the first time u try to boot up, if so then boot with -x or -v or -v -x ,ect -edit sorry half asleep i thought it said legacy_kernal my bad. try booting with boot flags. as shown up above
  8. try another flash drive and or make a new usb bootable
  9. I currently have leohazard 10.6.8 with legacy kernal and everything is working flawlessly. My set up is everything stock dell deminsion e521, nvidia 6150LE "PCI geforce 8400gs, athlon x2 3600+ compaq pci 100/10 wol I don't want to mess my install up as it took forever and currently only have one hdd, I wanted to see if anyone has gotten niresh mavericks running on a "similar" setup any feed back would be greatly appreciated. If I posted this in the wrong forum I'm sorry in advance
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