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  1. I have Mavericks installed on VMWare and everything is finally working great. The only problem is that I only have one Display resolution of 1024x768. I have a NVIDIA GTX 680 SC and a 1080P LG TV I use as a monitor. I tried holding down the Option key and clicking on Scale. I have tried forcing the display to 1 monitor at 1920 x1080 in the VMWare settings prior to booting up. I have also put in: GraphicsEnabler=Yes "Graphics Mode"="1920x1080x32" flags without succes (although it shows the grayed out Apple logo at 1080P before booting up into 1024x768). Does something like this still work? Is there anything else I can do? I installed as a Windows 7 x64 system to get rid of the jumpy mouse issue. Should I install at Max OS X 10.7? Should I reinstall everything and change some of the installed items under Customize? Thanks!
  2. This is in the wrong section of the forum. Sorry! Mod can you move it to the Niresh Mavericks section? Ended up finding the fix in a different post. Reinstall everything under a Windows 7 x64 OS on VMWare and it will fix the problem!
  3. I just wanted to add this is the perfect fix for this problem. I looked everywhere and found one post referring to this one. However, they didn't say that you had to reinstall Mavericks as Windows 7 x64 (instead of just changing to it after installing under a different OS). I also used IDE. Thanks!
  4. So I went ahead and installed Niresh OS X Mavericks 10.9 on VMWare Workstation 10 without an issue. The mouse worked throughout the entire setup. Whenever I boot up and get to the login screen, my mouse jumps everywhere on the screen! The keyboard works fine, but nothing I do fixes the mouse. This makes it impossible to do anything. I also noticed the mouse seems to be permanently "grabbing" items as if the left-mouse button is always being held. So moving the mouse forces it to start dragging and opening random items. I have used the USBBusFix=Yes flag. I tried reinstalling without installing the Laptop kext option. I even turned on Mouse Keys on Windows. None of this works. I can't do anything in OS X because I can't get to anywhere... I heard that certain mouses work, others do not. I only have 2-3 to test, but I have not yet done that. I am using Windows 7 x64 with an AMD CPU, 32GB DDR3 RAM, NVIDIA GTX 680 SC, and loads of TB worth of storage. Thank you.
  5. If you still want to try some other programs there is: AnyToISO WinArchiver What would probably be the upmost ensured method would be to do it from Disk Utility on a Mac. Essentially you can convert the DMG to CDR to ISO. Here is a link that has a tutorial with pictures on this process.
  6. You can try downloading the linux drivers from NVIDIA. There is also this link which is to a Mac-specific driver setup, however, it is for Snow Leopard so I am unsure if it will work. I would give it a shot though because if it works it should have an auto-updater. This link is the newest desktop release for Mavericks 10.9.2, but I doubt it will work.
  7. It sounds like your BIOS (or EFI/UEFI) is asking for you to boot from the HDD/SDD or USB that has the system on it: 1) First try to go into your Boot Selector area, usually an F# button like F8 (check your manual). Then select the HDD/SDD you installed Mac OS X on. Reboot and it should come up, if not... 2) Try going to your Boot Select area and choose your USB and see what happens. It may just make you do a reinstall though... Details on what steps you took to install to your system would help, as well as the specs you have.
  8. I use VMWare, so I can't be of much help on the first: 1) Try looking for generic Realtek wireless card drivers on the web (from another computer) that will install on OS X. I know that on the Realtek website they have drivers for Mac OS X, but you should find out the exact Realtek card model you have. 2) You should not.
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