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  1. I can see the rainbow mouse pointer, but it don't boot into the installer. the rainbow mouse pointer is running, that keep turning. but it just stuck there thanks for helping
  2. @5pArxz i can't find a solution for that too, so sorry. i bought a usb wifi as mine intel wifi are not working too. mine wifi USB is D-Link DWA-182. it is an AC 1200 usb3.0.
  3. @ glad to hear that again, i think the last thing you need to fix is the wifi, what wifi chips did you get?
  4. @5pArxz https://www.maconpc.com/page/osx86.html/hackintosh/articles/how-to/how-to-fix-the-boot0-error-for-your-hackintosh-r25 try to fix with this guide, reminded that the first solution, disk0s2 should be your mac drive, check with diskutil list, after you successfully install the chameleon, i will help you to do something in order not to enter the boot flag every time you boot.
  5. @ glad to hear that, in fact a lot of people face boot0 error. let me check on the web for solution
  6. @ might you upload your info.plist? let me have a look. and sorry, i may not reply in a couple hours, i am going to sleep.
  7. @5pArxz i think mine is same with yours, i use 0x8c208086 but my device name is '8 Series/C220 Series Chipset High Definition Audio Controller'
  8. @ try to install this https://www.maconpc.com/files/file/136-all-in-one-Audio-solution/ but it will cause kernel panic again, boot with -x and change the id again, then boot with -f
  9. @ try to boot without -f, but have you check the sound inside system preference?
  10. @ i hadn't experience this error, you may tr multibeast, but i don't know will that solve the problem
  11. @ niresh should install the bootloader, you disable the bootloader installation?
  12. @ try to boot with -f and the flag i type before too. it will not boot with kernel cache. by the way, try to take a picture of the kernel panic as there maybe other problem
  13. @ you need to know that the basic skills, nearly all kext are installed in the /S/L/E(/System/Library/Extensions) path in your mac harddisk
  14. @ if you have a dual boot, then go into windows and download the file, if not, boot into safe mode and first move away voodoohda.kext then reboot without safe mode, afterthat find a usb on another computer to download the file, and put it into you mac, run it and find out the pci id. then put back the voodoohda with modified info.plist. abd reboot without cache for once.
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