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  1. I've succesfully installed Niresh 10.8.5 on HP 8560w and I have genral question - how to install the distro on Parallels Desktop for hibernation support? I can't start from iso and pendrive, probably vanilla would work as iso. Can someone help me? I'm also trying to install niresh os x on ESXi Server. Is it possible to upgrade my CPU to Ivy Bridge or Haswell?
  2. AnonA2

    Niresh Sierra

    Hibernation is not supported on HP 8560w Sandy Bridge it seems... I wonder how to enable battery indicator without DSDT and voodoobattery... You could develop dtsd patches for HP 8560w as its laptop with mxm, long lifespan and cheap service. Offer zunivum@gmail.com Brosix and TeamView AnonA
  3. Error means laptop not supported. While applying patches (Probook for Elitebook) I get unexpexted PARSEOP_NOTIFY, expexting ',' or ')' 5109, 6126, syntax error, unexpected ')' at line Store (\_GPE.VLET (Local4, Notify (\_SB.LID, 0x80)), \_SB.PCI0.ACEL.AJAL ()) I would pay $30 for DTSD patch for my laptop. It always advised to buy laptop designed for hackintosh. What laptop with MXM module (cheapest possibly) you would recommend, HP Elite X2? I WOULD BUY DTSDT FOR MY LAPTOP HERES MY GENERATED DTSD I can't program in assembler, $10 would be enough for you ????? I am really poor btw
  4. The most stable release is 10.8.5. But OS X is still gltchy as hell. I own myself a Mac Pro with Lion and its really slow. On PC its also unstable but not unusable. 10.7 may install on MBR? 10.8 failed to install 10.9 KP related to XCPM 10.10 ....
  5. "Haswell CPUs use XCPM management by default and doesn't change.The management XCPM not support CPUs Sandy Bridger, so who uses SB can stay quiet about it." oh.... So only need to patch AICPUM to determine if hibernation is even supported by my platform... No need to install additionally old OS X 10.7 for support.
    "iso that anyone can install" Iso that noone can install on uefi. And there should be 10.8.4 because that the last version that doesn't have xgu and works on sandy bridge with cpuipatch. Also its not possible to smoothly change volume with nvidia audio on hp 8560w ?
  6. "Since version 10.8.5 a new kernel was implemented on OSX, he called XNU kernel(XNU CPU Power Management(xcpm))." I assume to hibernate laptop on Sandy Bridge I need to downgrade to last working version available which is 10.8 or 10.7. But 10.8 won't install some modern apps like 10.7 that I have on other computer.... I either can replace CPU with Ivy Bridge one or install 10.8 (patching to higher versions is not possible, only editing file which determines the version). OR maybe there is way to hibernate single app instead whole system or use vmware to do this. Vmware should work with HT disabled and without VTd.
  7. WHY NOT NIVERISH MAVERICK 10.9.5 dmg ??? WHY!? I woulld love to reinstall it with that dmg so hibernate works (for me not really necesirally, i can sleep still even with nullcpu - hp 8560w). Can someone provide niverish maverick 10.9.5 dmg like mountain lion 10.8.5 or at least files to replace in original one ???
  8. bit.ly(slesh)mindfvck -> using that plist I am now fully able to dual boot. EasyUefi nor EasyBCD hasn't worked for me due to firmware. I instead replaced Microsoft Boot Loader with Clover and it contents (both config.plist the same), added key for Default Volume - string LastUsedVolume and boot entry . Now by default it boots into Windows and I am able to use Mac OS X natively. What works: Ethernet Laptop power management Kinda esata Battery Screensaving What not working: WiFi - unsupported Intel Cetrino, any wifi usb should work (preferrably realtek, cirrus ones) Dynamic smooth volume change - use VoodooHDA along with AppleLGA and Lilu for nvidia audio (unsupported sound card, should be intel one) - workaround speaker and heahphones with regulation or external sound card. Advanced DTSD edit required. Hibernate, even with patched AppleIntelManagment and generated dstd.aml. Althrough very glitchy on OS X 10.8.5. Removing NullCPUPowerManagement don't KP system. Brigtness control - althrough DisplayDimmer do its job as overlay VGA Dual monitor - advanced DTSD edit required
    Everything works EXCEPT CLOVER UEFI BOOT . Refer to the topic. Please help! I'm trying to install mountain lion now....
  9. Clover doesnt boot, only pendrive. I have been booting fine but with accidentally disabled graphics kexts. Clover kexts included: vboxhfs. Everything restarts, will give verbose log.... I give up. I am going for high sierra but I doubt it will boot either... HELP!
  10. Ok... I have a question. Is there nowadays working kext for Intel Centrino advanced N-6205 or Wifi Usb will be good to go ?
  11. Once again I cant edit post (someone can merge these edits) due to the fact it took me next 16 hours how to figure out, Oh yeees.... I installed clover 2.5 pkg and now it seems I can boot into maverick without APFS from clover efi file. And I can use my usb mose too.
  12. Clover (v2, niverish) as efi file can boot Windows and probably Linux but not Mac. Mac boot only from pendrive. ANY HELP?
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