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  1. How could you install it on your pc? ( I think installing mac os x on a amd system is a wrong act because of weird problems it has and there is no any solve for it )
  2. You can't istall hackintosh on a motherboard with a geforce chipset for now.
  3. I have many graphics problems like red/pink icons or pictures, graphics distortion and many more: My photo booth has a weird problem. my webcam works ( I mean I have video ) but when I takes a picture, result is a white photo ( I am not sure if it is photo ) ( my photo booth is not pink/red, it is graphic problem when I take picture or modify its ) I have upgraded my 10.9.0 to 10.9.4 and there is only one good result; there is no more pink/red launchpad icons . My PC Spec. : CPU AMD Athlon II X4 630 @2.8GHz M/B ASUS M4A78 ( Chipset: AMD770/Sb700 ) ( LAN: Realtek8112 PCIE ) ( Audio: ALC887 8 channel ) ( BIOS: AMI BIOS pnp, DMI v2.0, Wfm2.0, ACPI v2.0a, SMBIOS v2.5 ) RAM Patriot 1 x 2GB DDR2 800MHz VGA Zotac Geforce 9800GT 1GB 256-bit I really want to fix these problems, other things work ( you know what I'm saying, just work ). I will appreciate any help.
  4. after I click on the green rectangualar ( download ) up in this page , in the new page there is no download link! am I the only one experiencing this?
  5. It is a rediculous forum. everybody ask and no one can answer except obvious answers. I want to say niresh it is not a good method for making macintosh run on pc both intel and amd. all releases are buggy and they are not useful at all. 10.7 , 10.8 , 10.9 ,10.10 and 10.11 , 10.n ................................................................. until the end of the world. niresh it is not proper way. I think and i am sure there will be not a good release now and in the future because new versions are released ( almost 1 or 2 in a year ) and previouse versions debuging are stoped and forgot it is a fail cycle. I am saying it is better you concentrate on for instance 10.8.5 and make it a perfect hackintosh that not only is installed on any pc with any chip but also work with full speed with any chip without any bug. I hope you see and read my view.
  6. in my second try to installing niresh mavericks, I encountered a few difficulties in comparison with first try. this time I used "amd64" rather than "amd" bootflag ( I don't know it is important or no! ) anyway I had boot0: error after the successful installation and I had to boot mac by niresh mavericks installation USB. ( and my win7 boot had been corrupted like first try ) I want niresh to think about a perfect solution for this error. I already tried many but there is no useful result. I have win7 on my C drive and D,E,F are logical drive. I allocated G drive for mac and I don't know how can I have a simple dual boot! ( don't use multibeast if you have a few problems because it is a shit. everytime I use easy beast or whatever they are called, my hacintosh has been corrupted unless your name is niresh ). so I will appreciate any useful help.
  7. I want help for understanding How things work in Mac OS X. I think it is important to so many users like me who don't know much about Mac OS X. Niresh Mavericks OS X is a great one and it's only one that I could install it after many tries with previous/other hackintoshes on my amd powered pc. Where is the drivers' locations? Are they all in a same location? How/Where can I know/see my hardwares drivers names which are possibly installed? How can I change a specific hardware driver? please describe both manual and software-aided method. ( manual is preferably asked for base understanding ) Do I need delete/uninstall old drivers for installing new drivers? if yes How? Where is the bootloader location? How can I see my bootloader name and version? How important is bootloader? Can I change bootloader whenever I want or I need a fresh install for changing it? How can I change or manipulate bootloader contents? I have windows 7 OS and I want to be able dualboot after installing mac os x in a partition. I just tried easybcd in windows 7 and I was not successful. ( it works only by flash memory ( which is included mac os x mavericks niresh ) and without it I have error. I installed niresh mavericks and I just corrupted it. honestly I didn't have any idea what I was doing and I was confused. I will appreciate for any help.
  8. hi oilzds. your sound chipset model is ALC892 and it is different from mine. I have deleted niresh mavericks for now and I want to do a informed installing this time. I had seroius problems in dual-boot with windows 7 and at the end I blow up mac os x I tried many programs but there was any useful result. did you try just "Kernel Cache"=amd ?
  9. this is my PC scpecifications: M/B Asus M4A78 CPU AMD Athlon II X4 630 RAM Patriot 2gb DDR2 800MHz VGA GF 9800GT 1GB (SOUND: ALC887 ) I installed Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks ( niresh ) and in post-installation level when I should configure language, user data and something like that I encountered to freezes, I search some keywords and I got some answers. I used just "Kernel Cache"=amd and it worked for me but after OS X was loaded I am experiencing problems like yours and specially the worst is annoying constant noise and I can barely hear a voice even with high sound volume. graphic isn't smooth. I see some color and shape distortion in the right edge of many drop-down menus like safari. in launchpad all icons were in red and pink color ( I just see this one time and after second restart it wasn't there ) oh and one thing I want to do a new installation like oilzds and I want to select proper kexts ( or I provide/download them ) any help will be appreciated.
  10. friends, if you have amd cpu and you are encountered to freezes in post-installation level ( like selecting language or making user and .... ) just use this flag ------> "Kernel Cache"=amd (insert double-qoutation , it is mandatory ) you never face to this problem again.
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