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  1. Hi, After I've installed the Yosemite I have some graphical glitches, that's really annoying. NOTE: During installation I marked 'Backup Graphic Kexts', idk if that could be the problem ... Can anyone help me please?
  2. Hi, I have successfully installed yosemite on my PC However there are some things that aren't perfect, like the screen size. The screen size of my PC is 1366x768 but the only resolution that's avaliable is 1024x768. I already tryed almost everything, but nothing worked. Anyone know how to correct it? I've attached the aida64 hardware report file. Report.txt
  3. @ -> Intel® Core™ i5-480M 2,66 GHz -> nVidia GeForce GT 330M (1GB DDR3) -> Chipest Intel HM55 -> 4GB DDR3 (2GB each one) Any more aditional information you need? Thanks
  4. Hi, I installed everyting perfectly, all drivers are working, but after few hours my pc turn it off by itself. I noticed that my PC is very warm at that time. Can anyone tell me why?
  5. Hi, Everytime I reboot my PC I need to go to the Bios Settings and change it to ACHI Mode. There's any way to permanently set ACHI mode ?
  6. So without this kext you're not able to boot right?
  7. @ what do you done for get your laptop boot?
  8. @ do you customized your installation or left it as default?
  9. Please, I want so much run Mavericks on my PC
  10. I need help, really guys. Admins, please help me Specs: -> 4x Intel i5 M 480 -> 4 GB RAM -> nVidia GeForce GT 330 M -> ATA Hitachi HTS54505 I already tryed couple of this, but after installation I had bootloop on Mac OS X logo
  11. @Bullit Lee if you successefull install it, tell me what you done. I tryed everyting, but after installation completed, I got bootloop on Mac OSX logo My notebook specs are almost the same as yours
  12. I already tried a lots of configurations. No look. With the default configuration is giving me a wired and high noise at the first boot. Can anyone help me configuring it please?
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