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    Been happy using macpwn since 10.11. Thank you for the work!
  1. thanks you very much. This is all i needed :)
  2. a patch for the retail build would make my day thanks
  3. still no luck yet. I tried installing Lion, but the OS is comparatively smoother but stuck to one resolution(1024/768) with no full GPU acceleration. System profiler shows 3mb of video memory
  4. hello, i've been very much looking for a MBR patch for Yosemite DP2. Its a pain to partition to a GUID losing all other partitions. Anyone having/know how to make one can share. thanks!!
  5. ok will try doing that now thanks! i will have that in mind
  6. i am running it via clover. Isn't GraphicsEnabler=Yes a chameleoon arg? ps, i tried the argument with no success and now i have a mouse pointer with a while apple logo on a black background. Although thank you for your input
  7. I'm currently have installed Yosemite on my very old laptop which was kept awhile in the closet. Thinking to keep it back and running, i wanted to run OSX and i'm sure i wouldn't be able to get the GPU working on Yosemite/Mavericks(correct me if i'm wrong). Anybody with experience could help me achieving GPU support. Here are the specs: HP Pavilion dv6000 Intel Centrino Duo nVidia 7400 Go mobile GPU 2.5GB of RAM I have been able to get Audio and lan working except graphics(yes, on Yosemite DP2), i'm too surprised its up and running without issues. Is there a solution to get GPU support? or should i have to go to a lower version of OSX to try out? I'm afraid to install nvinject on yosemite as it could cause panics and i dont want to bother installing it again for 2hours(it took that much due to lack of gpu acceleration)
  8. i have a similar card on my old laptop(7400go). I wouldn't mind a successful graphics workaround for any of the os after lion
  9. oh thank you for so much support! yes, i could setup team viewer for you. I will pm my personal details to you
  10. i still cant find any file in extra/ directory. I select Generate SSDT in hackintosh tools category and hit install, am i missing anything here? I use the same bootloader to boot my previously installed mavericks too, but i dont get this high CPU usage there. Should i freshly install Yosemite with fewer options(eg. unselecting the automatic driver installs/scripts etc)? Would that solve this issue? i just hate my PC running at high fan speed creating alot of noise and eating up one complete core
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