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  1. So you get the point of hackintoshing macOS Big Sur so this is the clearest on what to do and how to do it so look at this
  2. This is great. There is a tutorial on how to do it if you have the required hardware
  3. Notebooks are now compatible. LOOK AT THIS
  4. If you scroll down a bit you should find the tutorial (if you don't find it keep scrolling).This guide is exactly the same on Intel without the kernel patches It is on open core boot loader once again but requires a mac . Hope that answered your questions
  5. Try look in here https://github.com/bigsadan/surface-pro-4-hackintosh hope that helps
  6. Yeah, I think so. He also had to force PK Boot and kexts
  7. macOS installed to an SSD in a VM, SSD transplanted into the laptop. Forced PK boot and kexts injected using OpenCore. BIOS had to be patched to increase DVMT size as Lilu/WEG doesn't work quite right.
  8. I didn't do this, it was on reddit. This xiaomi notebook has success in booting and has full GPU Acceleration. Take a look
  9. So far, a xiaomi laptop has success in booting Take a look
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