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  1. hi buddy dont work on my dell latitude i5 or my p6tse i7 EL capitan kernel panic on appleehcipci (1.0.1)any help would be great has clover yes doing the job but perfer chemeleo nn thank you
  2. @niresh please contact me asap as just got email asking for my details think theres a scammer on here emailing us all
  3. hay guys it's because you prob not donated he only helps some times but never fear chads here hahahaha with kept utility or kext wizard and drag drop kext in to the window of kext wizard its should install them to system/library/extensions or you could copy the kext to extra/extensions
  4. more info i.e. boot flags and or intel so on
  5. @dbop and @ArjanPlat did you guys sort out your issues:)
  6. have you tryed forcewake=yes flag or darkwake=yes
  7. i dont but pm me your email addy and il send you one pm me your computer spec and il try mod one with all your drivers ect
  8. @ claudiu96 did you resolve your issue
  9. @insanelydeepak slightly off topic here but are you deekay as in kernel patcher/tester if so could you help me please i would norm solve my hackintosh issues my self but im stumped here go. i have a hp 6538s i think it is with amd athlon 64 x2 model 3 with instruction set amd-v 86_64 sse2 sse3 and few others not ssse3bit but here my issue iv tryed every amd kernel with lion and ML but either white screen and quick reboot or just sits there at bla bla will be loaded across sleep the only kernels i have got to work are bronz v1,v4,legacy kernel all boot with dp2 finder but very unstable apps and freeze ect so my question is can you point me in the right direction for a amd kernel that will work almost flawless i say almost as amd is never been 100% thanks for the pm back in advnced cheers chad
  10. any feed back on the amd_kerenl for amd athlon x2 64 ql-66 on hp laptop
  11. ps iv also used vanilla installs to both are good and work well why argue each to there own i suppose
  12. not being funny but iv always used distro to install osx and niresh has some good work going on from 10.8.x up 2 now 10.10.1 and iv not had any issue what so ever as above said its free he ads patches and adds driver strings ect so we dont have to in short making are lifes lil easyer. THANK YOU niresh for your hard work keep it up my friend
  13. rename the kernel to mach_kernel and put on root of usb or hdd or in system/library/kernels if mavricks have that then use -v -cpufamily flags to boot
  14. dont quote me on this but im not sure fakesmc needed on amd as my pandora amd usb installer gives option skip fakesmc for amd so try del it and fix permissions try reboot
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