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  1. Hi .. When ever i try to install High Seirra on my Laptop i got erro ACPI Error 7 .. how to fix this problem... Usb is allrigh i check on intel desktop and works.. but got error on Latop .. i got same error while installing Niresh Mac Os Catalina .. help me to fix this error ...
  2. Hi .. I am getting error while installing Catlina , [/img] I tried chnging date no luck.. i am on Dell latitude E5550 laptop i tried High seirra but getting ACPI Error 7 .. Help me ????
  3. i have latitude E5550 , i am getting ACPI Error 7: ...??
  4. Hi .. i have install same high serra on my intel pc and it work but now i want to install on my Dell ALtitude E5550 ,but i am f=getting errors. if i use Usb2.0 port i get ACPI error 7 error ... if i usb same usb and pluginto usb 3.0 then i got panic error .. how to install Mac on my new latitude E5550 .. help me ..
  5. Hi I change my laptop Dell E5550 Latitude ,I have usb 3.0 Sandisk 32gb with Niresh High Serra , When i boot into installer i got two errors When i plug usb into 3.0 i got ACPI error 7 when boot from Usb 2.0 i got apple panicc error .. How to fix this ..i want to install on usb hardisk which i used previouly on my intel desktop and work well on same Mac now on new laptop i am getting errors..
  6. change usb port use usb 2.0 , it will work then
  7. Still waiting for root device' means it is searching for bootalbe usb .. change to another Usb port use usb 2.0 it will work ..
  8. Hi .. as i know AMD is little complicated when it comes to Mac ... Intel ,Nvidia work gre8 .. but AMD processor or card will make it tricky to get your installation done.
  9. Hi I want to install mac os on my laptop windows 10 .. but i have created seprate partition 30GB for Mac can i install Mc there ,and can i access my windows 10 after that ? 2nd question . Can i use normal mac .dmg using usb method by TransMac and insatll on PC ?
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