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  1. Just tought of that, does it have something to do with the fact that my BIOS does not support AHCI? I've read somewhere that ML supports non-ahci drives. Also, noticed that it show boot0: done before loading Windows.
  2. @ It loads some commands and then simply restarts. I'm starting to think that ML hates me. In the bios, I have AMD Virtualization enabled, Legacy boot enabled and Secure boot disabled.
  3. Hey @ thanks for the answer. So I did your command (hp -v), it loaded some non-default kernel without Kernel Cache and theeen... Black screen. So i don't know if it's loading something but there is no CD activity or HD activity.
  4. OhMyMac

    boot0: error

    Bump, tried reinstalling this thing today with the Chimera bootloader but sends me again to a boot0: error.
  5. Hey everybody. I tried to install ML today on my HP 15 e036sf laptop that has no AHCI support whatsoever in dual boot with Windows 7. I have Windows 7 working nicely. So i tried starting the OS X Installation via the CD but it just restarts. No installation. Any ideas?
  6. Okay so I'd like to install Lion on my HP 15 e036sf that has NO AHCI support. I tried installing it and the bootloader well...failed and got me some boot0:GPT boot0:error Is there any ways I can install Lion on this laptop without it failing my hard disk? Which kexts should I select at the installation to do a dual boot with Windows 8 afterwards? Thanks in advance for the answers
  7. OhMyMac

    boot0: error

    Hey everybody. I tried to install Lion on my HP 15 e036sf and well...it doesn't work. The installation went successful and when ijt rebooted, I got this: Boot0: GPT Boot0: GPT Boot0: GPT boot0: error And I can't start Windows or anything like that. My computer says it's missing it's OS. I precise thatnI installed Lion because my bios does not support AHCI and I installed it on a 160G partition on the same disk as Windows. Any ideas what happened?
  8. Ok, anyway i'll stick with Lion. Also found these kexts (for Mountain Lion) that made non-ahci drives compatible with ML. Do you think these will work with Lion? Here's the link: http://www.osx86.net/topic/14336-ip35-e-no-ahci-with-mountain-lion/
  9. Okay, i'll try Lion, thanks for the answer. There is a special way to update from Lion to Mountain Lion afterwards?
  10. I heard from many sites that Niresh support non-ahci drives, that why i chose it. Also found this: https://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/290644-installing-os-x-on-non-ahci-drive-laptop/ Can this work with Mavericks? I tried also to boot with the command amd -v oramd -x GraphicsEnabler=No And I get this: Edit: So you're telling me that I can install Lion without AHCI?
  11. Okay so I got approximatively the same problem as here: https://www.maconpc.com/topic/2077-cant-boot-usb-mavericks-installer/ So I have this HP 15-e036sf with a AMD A4-5000 APU, my motherboard does not support AHCI, too. But, I'd like to install Mavericks in dual boot with the Windows 8 the laptop came in. I partitionned the HDD and created a Mavericks usb with Win32 Disk Imager. Then, the problems came, when I wanted to boot from the usb stick, it would detect it correctly and all that stuff, but the installer just refuses to load. I tried starting it with -v and it gave me command lines that scrolled too fast to see what it said and then, simply restarted. Even if I try to start it normally, it simply restarts. Is it a problem from my processor (As I saw in the pinned topic) or my usb that was not correctly made?
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