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  1. I cannot have my native resolution (1440x900) Can you give me some advice please?
  2. i am installing it directly on my pc but i found another guy who had posted this log and the log is the same as mine
  3. it is the same like that
  4. when it hangs, it also said installation error something like that :/ what flags did you use?
  5. CPU : AMD Athlon II x3 445 processor 3.1 GHz Ram : 4 GB Integrated graphic card : geforce 7025 / nforce 630a Motherboard : MSi gf615m p33 I managed to successfully boot to the installer with : /amd64 npci=0x2000 -v but then the installation hangs when it reached 'the 2 min' left mark
  6. I got the same problems while trying to install it on my amd pc too, the installation stopped
  7. I am trying to install it on my amd athlon x3 445 but every time while it is reading the files, my pc suddenly restarts. It does not mention any error as identified in the guide. Any idea what is causing this? I have tried almost all combinations.
  8. try to adjust it to 40 gb did you ever install mavericks on virtualbox before?
  9. try to adjust it to 40 gb did you ever install mavericks on virtualbox before?
  10. when i had to installed mavericks on virtualbox, the size of the virtual hard disk had to be 40 gb otherwise it was not installing
  11. for how long does it stuck at the ' 2 min ' ?
  12. I thought he was re-installing it, and that's why he encountered this issue, anyway the confusion is all clear now. Thank you once again
  13. thank you! I got confused with the fact that toxicFTW was having issues with the PCI configuration
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