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  1. I was using windows and Catalina dual boot. successfully then I change some partitioning for windows and after that I cant not see boot partition of Catalina. using partition manager software in windows i can see that disk is still there and i can access and use the data also using APFS driver by paragon. i tried to upgrade and boot-up from USB installer, again the partition is not showing up at the installation setup screen also. Does the partition UUID has changed or does it has to do something with all this process.??
  2. on dell vostro 5460 laptop i have installed niresh catalina. i can boot into the catalina using nv_disable=1, inject intel and remove inject of usb. whilst installing, i checked the installation of drivers for laptop, ie. touch pad and battery. touh pad is working but battery is not showing. how can i show battery
  3. I think drivers for intel wifi is not available for hackintosh... I have purchased the usb wifi device. they have drivers for mac os as well. it is working fine. https://www.tp-link.com/us/support/download/tl-wn725n/
  4. Niresh Mojave is dual booting with windows and working fine... Only problem is with internet... Its intel wireless 2230-n device. is there any support or kext for this device. Currently I am using internet through bluetooth sharing mobile phone; and HoRNDIS = HoRNDIS has another problem --- every time I connect the phone I have to use the below two commands manually otherwise HoRNDIS would not start.... sudo kextunload /System/Library/Extensions/HoRNDIS.kext sudo kextload /System/Library/Extensions/HoRNDIS.kext Ethernet = I don't use ethernet so I have not tested whether my ethernet is working or not....
  5. @Trunks_77 Thanks for help. you have solved it.... I re-installed the Niresh Mojave and during installation I customized and injected the audio voodoo and laptop support kexts... ... .... now audio sound and battery icon both are working fine...
  6. @Trunks_77 Where to find "on Internal Speakers" I see the below settings: 1 - In MAC system preferences => Sound => Sound Effects => Play sound effects through => Selected sound output device... "Selected sound output device" is the only device in drop down menu and it is selected. 2 - In MAC system preferences => Sound => Output => Select a device for sound output "No output devices found"
  7. @Trunks_77 I have successfully installed driver using multibeast 11.3 Mojave ... Drivers > Audio > Optional 3 Port (Native) Audio Bootloaders > clover UEFI Boot Mode Build is successfully installed..... but still there is not sound. sound icon is grayed out. In MAC OS settings => sound => no output devices found My Dell Inspiron is a laptop having intel hd 4000 graphics and graphics is working fine.
  8. Mojave installed but No sound output for Dell Inspiron 5520 - Intel HD audio
  9. I installed Niresh Mojave on one HDD of 500GB... GPT table converted MBR2GPT, 450 GB windows 10 UEFI bootable, 200MB EFI, 30 GB MAC_OS. It's booting but some problems need to solve... Ethernet, WiFi, Audio are not working. I can not see windows 10 boot info any where in BIOS/ UEFI --- clover has an option to boot windows but fails to boot after I press enter. Below are my Inspiron laptop details: WiFi == Intel´╗┐ Celeron Wireless-N 2230 Driver Ethernet == Realtek PCIe FE Family Controller Audio == Intel HD Audio _-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_ Priority to solve the problem: 1st is dual boot 2nd is Audio 3rd is WiFi 4th is Ethernet
  10. I was also having extract same problem with niresh catalina at intel hd 4000. I injected the fake intel from clover boot and now its working,,, atleast temporarily @kikocdk
  11. I used transmac instead of win32diskimager and now usb is booting...
  12. 500 GB HDD = GPT table, 450 GB is windows, 30 GB is MAC_OS; 200 MB is EFI and some deleted free space. UsingWin32diskimager i made a usb bootable and installed easily Niresh Mavericks along side windows 10. But after install Mavericks was not booting except for in safe mode (GraphicsEnabler=No -x -v) . So instead of going a long procedure for correction I decided to try another MAC_OS. I made a USB of Niresh Catalina/Mojave/ High Seirra and tried to boot. Now USB installer was not showing up. only the existing already installed Mavericks and windows were showing up at boot screen. I run the windows and using a partition software formatted the Mavericks 30 GB partition. Now when i want to boot from the Niresh MAC OS USB then i get the error ... Boot 0: GPT boot 0: Error Below is my Inspiron Laptop config I am using EFI but i have tried both the EFI and BIOS for booting Niresh MAC USB Core i5 - 3210M RAM 6 BG DDR3 HDD 500GB 7200 RPM Intel HD Grahics 4000 Intel Celeron Wireless-N 2230 Driver Realtek PCIe FE Family Controller USB 3 Supported Motherboard
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