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  1. Deepak, i'm afraid this didn't help...with -x i can get on and without -x it just doesn't take me to login screen even. yes, if i enter Fake ID in clover>Graphic Injection Menus>0x01660003....without any clover switches i can boot to normal mode but only 1024x768...which lags. Even tried fresh install, no new results...always stuck with same issue no matter what. would the update thing help...or any other suggestions.
  2. Attached Kextstat text and config.plist (just renamed as configplist.txt to upload).with screenshot it wasn't capturing the whole output. I haven't done any changes to smbios.plist...in case you want i can definitely do specific changes. Thanks for looking into this.. safe mode kextstat results.rtf normal mode kextstat.rtf configplist.txt
  3. Deepak, i think you are right. However, i've attached pics to clarify what i meant...apologies i'm not real good with this stuff sometimes..
  4. Hi Deepak, Booting with Clover with switches "-x -xcpm ncpi=0x2000 Graphics Mode=1366x768x32" and Inject EDID+Intel HD 4000..........i can boot in safe mode without any problems. GPU shows HD4000 with 1024 MB. Booting without -x, results scrambled screen.......if i remove Graphics Mode=1366x768x32 from the clover switch then it boots in normal mode 1024x768. GPU shows HD4000 with 3 MB. is it possible to fix this...please suggest. Thank you.
  5. just to let you know, without Entering FAKE ID (0x01660003)....i tried all combinations(from 0 to 11 by entering only the number in like 0 or 1...with/without inject EDID) could only see 2 type of results...either screen scrambled or kernel panic. one more thing rarely after scrambled screen, i see another screen where the circle revolves and never stops...HDD LED is not lit in that case..just to let you know. If i need to enter the whole string, which one looks correct IntelCapriFB=a_0 IntelCapriFB=0 Is it possible, if i give you some extract file(s) like may be my config.plist...if you could just look at it once. please.
  6. Deepak, asking may be really novice question... IntelCapriFB=a_value from 0 to 11 (where to do it...for trial, before i get to know what is the magic number) is it in the clover options(Graphics Injector Menu) on hit and try basis, initially if yes, do i need to enter the FakeID or not? if yes, there it also says FBConfig:NA (do i need to remove the NA and enter) For example to understand...Shall i enter the whole thing IntelCapriFB=a_3 or just enter 3.... don't know if any specific place has any screenshots...tried several times with my limited brain got some kernel panic and no success..again clueless. Sorry for that. any screenshot or picture could have been bit easy...when i googled it find a lot about chameleon..which i don't have.. Thanks
  7. i erased my fat partition now..no files no folders. Installed clover 2671 pkg in MAC partition, able to see folders and stuff related to that. Ran MacPoison Tool..targetted MAC partition. Used EFI Mounter to mount the EFI Partition(has all kinds of files and folders related to clover...), can boot with clover EFI boot loader..don't have any usb plugin requirements..working ok. Related to Graphics Resolution Issue. Now, there is some progress no doubt.. 1) If i enter Fake ID 0x01660003 in Graphics Menu with clover options...i can boot and get 1024x768...though weard thing is if i check about GPU config it displays HD4000 but with 3 MB only. Even if i have 0x01660003 entry in my config.plist it just doesn't take it...however ncpi=0x2000 it takes automatically while booting..... 2) If i don't enter Fake ID in clover options...i see mouse pointer (with 1366x768) which i'm sure about...however after a second screen gets scrambled(attached screenshot). It's just, i am unable to apply any logic here to fix it...please suggest something. Thanks.
  8. sorry for troubling you again, i just want to share and confirm.. Bootloader already Clover 2671 i can run setup again for your Macpoison tool but again the bootloader clover is in separate partition, which i can't select as target reason it doesn't have mac installed(in ms dos fat). by vanilla kext you mean UNEDITED like just after install as they are (untouched) in SLE they are present...there. but system boot loader is in separate partition which doesn't have any of these kexts which are in SLE. please consider i checked this thing... my system boots with separate BOOT partition which has only clover 2671 where i have a 10.9 KEXTS FOLDER there are none of those kexts which are related to Intel 4000 HDA.(shall i copy all the kexts from SLE to BOOT partition...would that help) so do i just need to copy the apple intel kexts to the CLover Partition 10.9 Kext Folder....(from SLE to clover boot partiton) if that is not the case, please suggest from where i can get guranteed vanilla kexts for Intel HD 4000 not sure, just fresh installed this...guessing these should be vanilla kexts only. if i'm not wrong. please suggest if i should do some other changes. i thought this way it would be more stable... sorry i am bit slow with this stuff...this seems to be the only issue i think i need to resolve. thanks for helping me out.
  9. Deepak, Thanks for your prompt response. Much appreciated. I am terribly sorry i didn't know i can use latest bootloader only to resolve this...it just i saw many people doing it so i assumed it can run both. So far i can boot with clover 2671 only..again that i have in separate 1 GB partition..so that i can boot. i got it from one fella who got it (S400C Asus with Niresh 10.9.2) all working and attached on https://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/296690-asus-s400c-success-install-1092-mavericks/ Is there something specific setting in clover which can remedy the situation to 1366x768(which i get during install always) please suggest me on that frame buffer capri...do i need to simply rename it(never done it before...saw the guide and just couldn't figure it out) Thanks again.
  10. Hi Deepak, thanks for suggesting me steps...though i'm afraid i could not get it. tried couple of times, Resolved all other problems, have system now working up and running without usb installer (my 500 HDD has 2 partitions, 499 GB MAVERICKS Installed + 1 GB MS DOS FAT (To boot EFI Clover) In order to resolve Graphics issue, installed Chamleon too, attached screenshot for org.chameleon.boot.plist(current) still after reboot resolution remains 1024x768… Question 1 - i went in SLE found AppleIntelFramebufferCapri.kext > Contents > MacOS > AppleIntelFramebufferCapri (What to do with it…..shall i rename it to “fbcapri somethingâ€) or edit it with some tool.. i tried installing Poision tool....it just disappeared..couldn't find it somehow...does it need 10.9.3 update? please suggest me next course of action, it just remains 1024x768....wish it could do better. Thanks in advance :-)
  11. Hi, ASUS X501A with Clover Bootloader installed getting kernel panic before start, along with apple logo display.(probably i goofed up on config.plist) i tried following guides available, i was able to install clover and add it to menu's...not much experienced with hackintosh. Below are the results i could get with the help of the guides... However, with Install USB 10.9 (clover) i can boot, again different results... 1) Boot Args "-x -v ncpi=2000" and Graphics Injector Menu "Inject Intel HD 4000 +" HDMI out shows 1080p (as i like it...) 2) Boot Args "-v ncpi=2000" and Graphics Injector Menu "Inject Intel HD 4000 +" HDMI out shows Error.... "GPU Hang Trying Restart GPU... Main RING is NOT waiting on an Event" 3) Boot Args "-v ncpi=2000" and Graphics Injector Menu "Inject Intel HD 4000 +" LAPTOP Display shows NOTHING.....Display is out, nothing on screen... :-( 4) Boot Args "-v ncpi=2000" and Graphics Injector Menu "UN-INJECT Intel HD 4000 " LAPTOP and HDMI Display shows very low resolution.....Screen icons and menu's are huge in size... :-( I simply wish to have the Graphics working on laptop itself in the best resolution(no screen flickering). Didn't want to confuse anyone, all 4 observations mentioned above are to just clarify where i stand, after i invested weeks. At least if some one can tell how can i copy Installer USB ALL EFI Clover Content to installed Mavericks Drive EFI Clover Content..(just tired of keeping this installer usb plugged in) Could some one please help/suggest...thanks in advance.
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