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  1. Well, every minute in installer, after it moved from "11 minutes remaining" to "10 minutes remaining" has been about 20 minutes in real time...I do not have so much time. I really dont know what is bad with Yosemite....
  2. Hello, Yesterday, I want to try the new Yosemite 10.10.1 My rig: Phenom II x4 955 4GB RAM GeForce 660Ti 2GB Gigabyte GA-MA770T-UD3P I have boot with flags: /amd64 -v npci=0x2000 Without that npci=0x2000, boot stuck at PCI configuration But then I end at this screen: it is not my actual screen, but I have last 3-4 lines the same. Now the weird part - when I hit enter, the installer will show, and I can continue with installation, create partitions in disk utility and so... According to my information, after DSMOS, there is no chance to continue with boot, or instalation, is it true? But then instalation is veeeery slow....it goes to "11 minutes remaining" and then it move very slow. I have waited an hour to get "8 minutes remaining". Then I terminated it. Is this because of DSMOS? I have tried various boot flags: nv_disable=1 npci=0x3000 GraphicsEnabler=No -s (and backup graphics kexts...but it writes "volume is write protected" O_o ) -x also i tried to uncheck graphics enabler and backup graphics kexts in OSX installer advanced settings ...nothing helps When I tried Mavericks, it was running very good. So I thought, Yosemite will be also running without problems. What can I do with that DSMOS?
  3. In the end, I have managed to install Mavericks Succesfully. All is working good so far. Your video and other video, I have found on youtube really helped :-)
  4. Mavericks installer has a Customize menu, where you can set various options just before install. And I would like to know, if changing smbios settings (from macpro 3.1 to macpro 5.1, or even mac mini, for example), changes something else, except identification of my PC in OS X. Are there changes for hardware recognition, or other OS X functions? Can this change of smbios somehow help with hardware problems or detection?
  5. Hi, thanks for the video. I dont know about Customize section in installer until now :-) Will try new install of Mavericks today.
  6. I have test installation with boot arguments in clover screen, that I post above. I have booted with args: amd64 -v. There were also other args already written - npci=0x2000, maxmem=3096 and path to basesystem.dmg (or something like that). After boot I stuck at this and nothing is happened:
  7. I understand, i also helping people in computer forums in my language. But if this is that too much complicated, there has to be a complete guide step by step, covering any aspect of installation. How do I install with chameleon? When I create bootable usb from DMG image from Niresh, it will boot to that clover screen I have posted before. When I create install usb with Mavericks, it has booted straight to DOS-like screen, like my second picture above. No clover screen, or other confusion... That DOS-like screen (my second image above) is chameleon?
  8. omg, what a support....cmon guys. Half of a day and no reply? Why you ever make such user unfriendly installation? this suck. No guide covering that clover screen, nothing. Only waste of time.
  9. Hi, after problems with Mavericks I decide to try installing ML in my pc. Config: Phenom II x955 4GB AM DDR3 Asus Geforce GTX 660TI 120GB SSD I have downloaded niresh AMD USB *.dmg, and create a bootable usb with win32 disk imager. When I boot from usb it will show me something like this: And here I dont know, what to select. I have slightly different picture, there is few options to boot windows from HDD, then two options about UEF and EFI (boot from UEFI, etc.), and one icon with image of moutain lion with caption "boot OS X from OS X" or something like that. All guides that i found on internet does not have clover, and boot directly to this: But I dont have that screen. When I select "boot OSX" (picture of ML), it only display apple logo screen like this: and stays there stuck, no spinning wheel under logo, nothing. I will try some boot flags today. But I need to know, that my progress is right. To lauch OS X installer from clover, I have to select moutain lion icon?
  10. update - i think i managed to detect graphics card properly...in system report, mavericks shows my graphics card properly, but it still functioning without any acceleration (flickering safari window, lags). I have installed some kexts from here: https://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/292553-solved-109-gm-gtx-660-bad-performance/ anyone know how to fix it? thx
  11. sorry i mistyped the graphics card. Its asus, not gigabyte :-)
  12. Hi, I have Gigabyte GA-MA770T-UD3p motherboard, Phenom II x4 955 CPU and Gigabyte Geforce 660TI. Firs after install, i have problems with grey screen, so I use guide from this page to backup kexts. Then i see desktop and can work with mavericks but all is laggy. I have tried brahics enabler yes or no, but no effect. How to get my graphics card in mavericks to proper function? thx for reply
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