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  1. why i cant download it An internal error occurred. Please contact an administrator
  2. Hello there any one tryed install Mavericks 10.9.0 on amd VM VirtualBox
  3. Hello every one thx you for your time you are using to help us i need help i am going to install one time more 10.9.0 last time my sound dont worked but befoer upgrad what do i need backup any files and where they are on system ? and when restore them thx you
  4. mavericks or mountain lion can run on amd ? virtualbox will be better for me last 10.8.5 becouse xcode
  5. Hello Niresh and H.k i have try booth but the sound still lagging :headbang:
  6. i just make that my system not booting any more :headbang:
  7. Just tryed not working for me :headbang: they are sound but lagging and not clerea
  8. Hello every one when will the next os wil out ? is there are any othere mac os Maverick working on amd than niresh thx you
  9. hello there thx you very much for fast answer Realtek ALC892 codec just try install but still lagging when play video
  10. Hello there i have install the system and all think working will nvida 460 Gtx amd ii 10555t but i have problem with sound it is lagging all times i cant play any youtube sound will get to much lagging when playing the video i am using voodoo Gigabyte GA-870A-UD3, Socket-AM3+
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