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  1. This fails after about half an hour and my hackintosh has become quite unstable, it reboots as soon as I insert a USB flash drive.This has happened on two different hackintoshes. Also occasional reboots during the apple loading screen and panics.Also there is no access to instructions,nothing comes up. Might be due to some sort of memory bug?
    Quick tip for installing via USB to a DELL Optiplex 755 (and probably other optiplex models) in my experience using a mac/hackintosh to create the insall USB by restore method will not boot on the DELL but making the USB on a Windows PC suing TransMac will boot on the Dell.There are videos on YouTube showing the TransMac method,very easy to do,where you get TransMac is up to you,winks. Conclusion installs like a dream this way on a Dell optiplex as long as you have the right BIOS settings (never set SATA to AHCI set it to Legacy,AHCI is dodgy on the 755 and maybe other models,even using Windows)
  2. hiya,I used the the tool you mentioned,even tried the ethernet injector thing which made my hackintosh boot in safe mode so then the graphics driver wasn't loaded so all I got was a black screen. I reinstalled everything and tried the realtek kext again,but still nothing,no wired internet.
  3. Got Niresh Mavericks (updated to 10.9.5) running on a Gigabyte GA-P31-DS3L with 4gb ram,core 2 duo 2.3ghz cpu and a Asus Nivdia 8400gs 512mb video card, Graphics and sound work perfectly but not wired internet. I've tried Lnx2mac and installing kexts with kext wizard and kext utility but can not get the RTL 8111b wired ethernet to work. Nothing shows up in network preferences. I do not have a great understanding of the terminal and plists etc. so would need DETAILED instructions that I can understand.
  4. Figured it out myself,I mounted the EFI partition,went into it,went into the EFI folder removed the BOOT folder and renamed the CLOVER folder to boot,restarted Mavericks got a changed theme and updated Clover,I'm a happy bunny now.
  5. ok so I downloaded the Clover configure app so I could make some tweaks to get facetime and imessage working,change the theme and also update to the newest version,but nothing works,I still get the default niresh theme and it still says it is the old version number in bottom right corner.Please be gentle I am a novice.
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