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  1. In the Extra folder I have only these things:
  2. Hi I installedl Mac Os X 10.9.0 and after updated to 10.9.1. But When I use combo update 10.9.2 I have on boot Kernel Panic. Please help... flags use: xpcm-free
  3. Hi guys, I installed FINALLY succesfull Mavericks 10.9.3 and everything works great. I have 2 monitors and I would like to work on the second too. Only primary monitor works. Please help. i7 4770k MSI Z87-G45 Gaming GTX 560
  4. So what another card I should buy? 10$-20$
  5. Hi guys I succesfully instal Mavericks on my pc. All works but ethernet wont. I bought TP-WN781ND and tried some kext but not helped.. Please help. GTX 560 i7 4770k MSI Z87-G45 Gaming TP-WN781ND
  6. Hi guys, Is there any kext for killer e2205? I know about e2200, but my MB has e2205. If anyone has a succes guide how to enable ethernet on MSI Z87-G45 Gaming please help me.
  7. Hi guys, I succesfull installed Os X Mavericks. I run MultiBeast and select Killer e2200 and install. Restarted pc and ethernet dont work. Please help. GTX560 i7 4770k Msi Z87-G45
  8. @inFakie I am finally at home so you can wrote me some helps..
  9. Here it is: Sorry but I have to go to school. So I can answer of the mobile but can't do your tips...
  10. I can't start normal. Stuck at apple logo, when circle rotate infinity.
  11. I can boot only in safe mode ( - x ) Any fix to boot standart?
  12. Hello I installed Niresh's Mavericks 10.9 . You can see on the video how it's running. Please, help me internet don't function too. My pc: MSi Z87-G45 i7 4770k GTX 560
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