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  1. check your USB installer, upon reaching that screen, there are choices something like, install mac OS... Utilities - click this and format your drive accordingly... Format: macOS Extended (Journaled) Scheme: GUID Partition Map
  2. Check your BIOS setting; Boot > Secure Boot > Disable By the way, have you successfully installed macOS on your device?
  3. can you give the following info; Motherboard CPU Graphics
  4. if you'll gonna use the same Mobo, then you're good to go, as connectors depends on your motherboard.
  5. can you send screenshot? do you have teamviewer installed, i have time to check now
  6. need bios setting; CSM-Disabled Internal Graphics-Enabled Security Level-No Security All credits to Daniel... Extract the zip file and replace your clover folder (don't merge) https://drive.google.com/file/d/1kr-PMK7cY7pFc15YKCeOReGt_dz27kIE/view?usp=sharing
  7. need DSDT patch and proper config. follow guide from link and send me the extracted files https://github.com/black-dragon74/OSX-Debug
  8. https://drive.google.com/file/d/13p7GmOoudHVlM2XyvpRrPIEG4pqNaqqw/view?usp=sharing no patch added, only removed error
  9. I cant edit my previous post, saw your config.plist on top, try the following settings below; platform-id - 3e9b0007 intelgfx - 3e9b8086 SMBIOS - iMac 19,2
  10. Sorry I thought your using notebook :D, macOS Catalina does not support NVidia anymore, send me your working config.plist.
  11. You need to disable your discrete graphic card (Nvidia GTX 1060) to be able to use your iGPU, I can try if you can send me your DSDT file.
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