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  1. @nobin https://filebin.net/pq21ucvde6x9k1zc Sorry for the delay.
  2. Yep, with the help of @hjed , I got it working. Works without a problem. I can share my EFI folder, if you need. Just mention me, and I will uploaded here.
  3. Can you please add me on skype, so i can send you the credentials. My id is oron_hg, can't send pn here.
  4. I can install it now, and send you a pm with the credentials.@hjed
  5. Still not having acceleration on uhd 630. It boots, but it shows the card as having 7mb of vram.
  6. Thank you so much! You made my weekl! I will try that when I get home, and I will keep you updated!!!
  7. I think i have acceleration now, but i get a blank screen with sound.
  8. @hjed could not register framebuffer driver, this is the new error i get.
  9. Even with the Nvidia card removed, still no luck. It just does not want to work. It boots, but I have no acceleration.
  10. @THEMAXIMUMPOWER Did that, the same result. It boots, but I only have 7 MB, no hw acceleration.
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