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  1. Hello niresh community! I just have a question for you because I encounter problems with the Yosemite Distros (both 10.10 and 10.10.1). They give me an error when they are close to completing the installation. So the question is: Can I install for example Mavericks (in which I do not encounter any install problems) and then inside of Mavericks install Yosemite with niresh distro? Thank you all, Have the best Christmas ever!
  2. Try to boot with GraphicsEnabler=Yes .
  3. I just want to inform you of something that might be helpful to future AMD kernels or a total loss of time, I do not know where else to write it. I tried to install windows 8.1 x64 using parallels, and it cannot load them because they do NOT detect the cpu as a 64-bit CPU. Also Parallels could only detect 1 cpu core (and I image thats because you cannot have 0 cores running a computer and 1 is the minimum). I do not know anything about kernels but I really think that every AMD processor should have the same "signature" with a close by intel one, so the mapping would be identical. I really appreciate all people worked hard to provide us with these kernels.
  4. Just updated my AMD system to 10.9.1 with the above kernel and it works great, it fixes also the pink/ red launchpad items. I will try to update to 10.9.2 and .3 in the next few days and tell you what happens. EDIT: with this kernel I could not go passed 10.9.1. I use a Phenom II cpu.
  5. I have an AMD Phenom II 960T and every time I install this I get errors and fail to boot. If I install the kernel from AMD Helper 1.1.1 which works fine for me will I be able to update to 10.9.3?
  6. try this https://www.maconpc.com/files/file/215-imessageicloudapp-store-login-fix-updated/
  7. I found a solution for the sound. 1) Uninstall VoodooHDA kext, remove voodoo from System Preferences and Application. 2) Shutdown your system, do not restart. (it is safer). 3) Install voodoo 2.7.3 (I did it from Multibeast). 4) Shutdown again and reopen. 5) If you don't have sound go to System Preferences > Sound > Sound Effect and select your port and > Output and select the same port. (if you have static noise there are solutions in youtube or other sites)
  8. Hello guys, So, I successfully installed Mavericks 10.9.0 with default the costume settings because which they work great apart from 2 things. First of all I would like to tell you what I have done until now regarding OS X: 1) The only thing I have installed is the AMD install Helper 1.1.1 using the Mavericks kernel inside which fixes some small issues. 2) I have set in org.chameleon.Boot.plist the GraphicsEnabler to no. - The first and most important issue I would like to fix is the sound. My motherboard uses ALC889 codec and from what I read a lot of people have problems with it. My current kexts I use are the default in Mavericks installation usb. My sound in shattered, laggy, shitty and I cannot hear anything to be honest, also when I play something I think that the performance of OS X is dropping a bit. I only have sound (or whatever is that I am hearing) in the green rear port. What I have tried until now: 1) Slytherin and multibeast and some patched AppleHDA on top of the default kexts from the installation. 2) Slytherin and multibeast some patched AppleHDA on a clean install without any kext for sound. That had as a result to get "No output devices found" in System Preferences > Sound. 3) Have tickled with settings in Audio HDMI setup with 1) and I get a lot of loud unbearable static. - My second problem is with my graphics card. After the AMD Install Helper 1.1.1 I have seen a lot of small but nice to see improvements and I also have ran some benchmarks. The graphics are not that bad, but are not that good either. In ultra settings except multisample I get around 30 FPS. For example I tried to play some games and instead of ultra settings graphics I have to use low. What I have tied until now: 1) I have just tried some kexts from several sites/ forums and the result of those was OS X not booting, OS X loading infinitely. My System Specs are: Motherboard: Gigabyte 990FXA-D3 (with ALC889 Audio codec) CPU: AMD Phenom II 960T GPU: XFX Radeon HD 6870 Black Edition (non-flashed, I do NOT know how to flash it and I have read that some people got great results without flashing the 6870, in older OS X versions at least) The graphics card is connected to the screen via an HDMI cable, I do NOT know if that has something to do with the sound SSD: Sandisk 128Gb Ultra Plus (AHCI) @ Thank you all for the help in advance and I hope we help some other people too.
  9. Very nice! indeed fixes a lot of issues. (except if you are using clover), fixes some and raises some other. You can also include some Radeon HD series kexts because for example, my 6870 works fine in the desktop environment but when I try to play a game the performance is terrible. Can you also please an a permanant fix for LaunchPad red icons? Also a suggestion if I may, you can update your installer to update automatically to the latest kexts, kernels, etc (even BETA versions).
  10. I have tried it a lot of times and no luck, I am angry when it works for other people and not for me because I try it a dozen more times. The iMessage worked till I restarted.
  11. bigsmoke

    AMD Kernel for OS X

    Can you please include an install method? I 've read the comments but I 'm too new to all this. Thank you.
  12. Done it 1000 times, "Unable to sign in because of a problem communicating with iCloud. Try signing in again." also messed up, my working iMessage . Any help to why this is happening?
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