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  1. Or change the date in bios, i had the same issue and resolved going back a month earlier
    this is not the beta version, right?
  2. I've successfully installed high sierra with wireless, sound and video card, but after i try to update to 10.13.6 now every time a restart appears the screen "macOS High Sierra could not be installed on your computer. An error occurred while loading the installer resources" rebooted several times with no luck. after boot from usb installer noticed a partition in clover configurator named "MaconPC high sierra installer" size 7.27gb device bsd name: disk2s2 mount point: /volumes/MaconPC high sierra installer disk type : apple hfs i think this is the issue but i don't know to delete the partition "MaconPC high sierra installer" and boot normaly My specs are: intel i3 4160 gigabyte b85m-ds3h 4x4 gb ram kingston 1333 ddr3 ssd adata su 650 480gb
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