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  1. Hello friends, I hope you help me with this little problem I have, I have successfully installed my Hackintosh, It works very well Audio, Internet all excellent, the only thing is that the graphics are not working at 100% The speed of my Graphic is slow as soon as you have assigned 3mb, I have tried to install kert using Multibest but I get this Error: Can you help me? How can I improve my Intel (R) HD Graphics 3000 Graphics? That's how it is in my Hackintosh:
  2. Hi, I managed to install the system without any inconvenience, but when I want to install Multibeast, I always get this error: "The Installation Failed" " Check the Multibeast.log " Can someone help me? im Use MultiBeast - High Sierra 10.2.0
  3. Thank you very much you are a Genius, You can install everything in order, I only have a problem when I try to install the Internet Drivers, Intel HD 3000 graphics and others I get this error: Can you help me with this please, I need to activate the HD and use the internet Thank you
  4. help me friend, I tried what you told me all right, but when I start the system, the same screen always appears to me.
  5. Dell Inspiron n14z Procesador i3 RAM 6gb HDD 690GB When I installed Os X Sierra I did not have any problems, but now that I want to install Heigh Sierra I am with this problem
  6. Hi, Thanks for your response, but I try to do what you tell me and I always get the same thing. I used will fix your Issue but I always get the same screen " Still Waiting For Root Device "
  7. I tried to do that, I have two usb that I have always used for hackintosh, they are 8 GB, but when I try to record the iso image it tells me that my memory has only 7.23 and the image occupies a space of 7.5, I do not know how to format it the usb so that I leave the 7.5gb Somebody help me
  8. I hope you help me I downloaded the image .DMG Formatie the USB, and then restore the dmg image on the usb using TransMac everything went well, but when it comes to boot it stays in the following image: Still Waiting For Root Device and from there it does not happen, I hope you help me, with the installation of Hackintosh Sierra did not give me this problem, but with Heigh Sierra this is happening to me
  9. Thank you for answering my message I currently have Yosemite installed without any problem everything ok Specifications: http://i.imgur.com/TXirJYD.png http://i.imgur.com/D3rAyku.png Guide https://www.hackintoshshop.com/2018/hackintosh-sierra-guide/
  10. What are the specifications of your computer, and which sign do you use Clover or Legacy?
  11. Help could not start saw OS Sierra Hello, I hope to help me, I try to boot from my USB, but every time I reboot and load my USB my computer is on a black screen, with a blinking pointer, I've loaded the DMG file with another usb and it's still the same, When I do the Restore image with trans MAC when finalizing inside the usb I unpacked the file Restore Sierra.pkg. I do not know why it's not happening, I've previously installed Yosemite and I've had no problem. I hope they help me, thanks
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