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  1. I am running a dual monitor setup on my Z370 Hackintosh via iGPU. Everything worked fine until I updated kexts to be ready for the lates update - 10.15.2 Suddenly odd issues appeared and it is difficult to get two monitor working at the same time. Monitor 1 + 2 working fine showing all the startup text first mirrored. At the certain point monitor 2 gets black and startup continues on 1 only. Apple Logo comes up - startup screen comes up - 2 still black. Login ok, for about 10-20 seconds MacOS is working fine on 1 while 2 remains black. Then suddenly - without any reason recognizable - 1 gets black - still on but black - seems to turn on and off over and over but no picture. When I turn 1 off 2 is coming up ... well it's complicated.... hard to explain. In the end when I turn on and off the monitors in a certain way both of them work as they should but it's painful. Any idea?
  2. Try it with a supported Metal GPU.... For me it worked - and only works that way. As soon as MacOS is running, use Hackintool Patch to make GPU working. Then you can remove GPU again...
  3. Congratulations! I´ve suceeded to today finally in getting running my i3-8100 iGPU. Did it with Hackintool. Really easy... Predefined Mainboard patches... Patch generator and automatic insertion into config.plist... Hopefully anything will work after CPU-swap, yet... But how did you do it?
  4. I´ve ordered a 9900K, too... Getting sad while reading this topic. @ Did you succeed meanwhile? If yes: How?
  5. Hi! I am really happy with the Niresh Catalina but... I got an old model identifier (iMac14,2) and sidecar does not work. I opened "config_hackintoshzone.plist" with Clover Configurator and on "SMBIOS" I found all those values. Can I just change "iMac14,2" into "macmini8,1", save and reboot ... voila... ? My Hackintosh system data: - Z370 gaming/ac ITX ASrock - Intel i3-8100 CPU - ATI WX4100 internal / RX 570 on TB3 eGPU Normally running on either the WX4100 or RX 570. iGPU is non existent. Any hint appreciated and thanks... PS: I am frightened to destroy Catalina for the 5x+ time having to reinstall everything.. Please warn me if any suggested changes might destroy MacOS.... I might consider not doing that. But I really do not want to miss Sidecar...
  6. Hi. Got it. Had to update Clover, Lilu, WEG, AppleALC and it finally worked. BUT: First there was a black screen for some time... did not do nothing... Then after reboot the regular update procedure started... Then again there was a black screen and it did not disappear. I made a hard reset and voila there it ist. Strange but that does not matter... Thank you anyway for your kind advices and help. I think it would be fantastic to have a simple one klick solution to do all those steps automatically and integrate that into the update image. But it's not that hard if you know how. Thank you.
  7. On TonyMac board the discuss this thing and even provide WhatEverGreen 1.3.4 - I dl and replaced with Kext Beast - but afterwards Catalina is destroyed again - just by replacing WhatEverGreen. Error Messages on boot process are somehow related to gpu firmware. But this might be a specific issue with my GPU. (ATI WX 4100 which is very nicely supported...)
  8. Can not install this update - it completely destroyed my Niresh Catalina OS, even Recovery and for reinstall HDD has to be cleaned first. Is there a fix for that issue? Updates are really important that days...
  9. Can´t update from Niresh Catalina Beta. AppStore Installer freezes.... Will there be an updated Niresh Installer with the final release?
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