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  1. hey, i had the same problem ,in every boot it showed "boot0=done" and then boots straight to windows instead of mac,later i solved this problem with amoi partition manager ,first i converted my mac partition from logical to primary ,then set it as active partition .it solved my mac boot problem now it easily boots without usb,u can use chameleon wizard to change the boot theme to what u like.
  2. my mouse is working correctly ,i just wanted if i can enable tap to click to open any file just like i can open file in my windows 8. in mac my integrated mousepad works like any ps2 usb mouse .
  3. i've a hp pavilion dv4 laptop with i3 330m processor and intel hd graphics ,mavericks is working fine in my laptop only tap to click is not working. i've to always double click left button in the integrated mousepad /touch pad to open apps or files.i tried the enable trakpad and tap to click drivers available from osx86.net site but they didn't work for me pls tell if its possible to enable tap to click in my notebook.
  4. yes, i followed a guide on insanelymac.com to make intel hd graphics work on osx ,but i only used core image enabler file from it to enable screen saver.
  5. hp pavillion dv4 laptop with i3 330m processor,intel hd graphics.niresh 10.9 worked flawlessly on it ,but after update it boots to black screen without cursor.
  6. I updated my laptop with niresh 10.9 to 10.9.1 but after update ,my laptop boots to black screeen. Boot flags -v -x and graphicsenabler=yes/no din't work.pls hlp.
  7. i've same problem but in my case without usb plugged in its showsmbbot error.and i've to use mavericks bootable usb every time to boot into mac.
  8. i installed niresh 10.9,and its working so thanks niresh for os x 10.9.
  9. I've a hp pavillion dv4 21010tu laptop with i3 330m processor ,intel hd graphics ,hp motherboard and 3gb ram.i tried to install niresh 10.8.2 but it freezes at some point in verbose mode.the kernel flags used are(hp arch=x86_64),i also tried -x,-f -s busratio etc in combination with it but same results also without arch=x86_64 flag it gives mach_0 has bad magic no. pls hlp me if sum 1 knows solution to it ASAP.
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