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  1. Hey Man, this is wrong. Dont hijack anybody's thread. Let the discussion be on updating AMD systems. If you had an AMD build I could understand asking in this thread but for intel, NO
  2. Boot with /amd64 -v npci=0x2000 and take a pic of error you get. Nobody can help without knowing the error you are getting.
  3. Hi, I am currently running 10.10.3 on my following machine. AMD FX8120 GA 970A-DS3 8GB DDR3 Gigabyte 7850 2GB The system is running well. Now i need update XCode to 6.4 as I work on iOS so I need to update system to 10.10.5. Can you guide me which kernel to use and what all kexts are required and where to get them. Thanks a lot.
  4. I am loving the Hackintosh on my Phenom. Since I am a android developer and have to send apks and few other small files I want a bluetooth dongle . The one I had doesnt work on Mac. It will keep saying " No Bluetooth adapter". It appears in USB in system info. Either suggest me some kexts to get it working or please tell me which dongle works with Mac and is available in Indian Online Shopping websites. I am attaching a ss of dongle showing in USB in System Information. Thanks
  5. Please take a screen shot and show it here. What flags did you use ? I think flags should be atlease amd64 -v
  6. I aint gonna build a new machine in near future. But maybe next time i will try to convince me to buy Intel. I am a Intel hater (kinda) cause my i5 3770k build before my FX 8120 went bad within a month of buying and culprit was processor which Intel refused to change.
  7. Hey Man Check the post and disable all that is disabled in the pics shown. Thanks a lot to @
  8. My build is AMD Phenom II X2 555BE M4A89GTD PRO 8GB 1333Mhz Kingston Forsa Geforce GT620 The bios settings are a bit tough to set as it requires a changes at lots of places. Thanks to @ I was able to setup BIOS properly. The only thing in addition to his settings was disable OnBoard HD4290. Just booted with amd64 -v and its all up and running great. Just loving my AMD Hackintosh. Big thanks to Niresh & all devs working on Hackintosh. Regards Damandeep Singh
  9. This system is performing much much better than AMD FX 8120 with HD 7850. May be due to proper graphic accelaration which I miss with HD 7850. Everything is working out of box. No extra kext needed ATM. I going to post this config in Working builds here. I love you Niresh and all other devs who made this possible on AMDs. Thanks a lot
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