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  1. Hello, I have yet to successfully complete an install and boot of Niresh. Currently I am having better luck with 10.8.5 than 10.8.2. However, I am still not able to boot after initial install. I am trying to install it on a secondary drive I just installed on my laptop.Using -v I am able to get to NTFS version name , 3.1 and it stops. Please help.
  2. ok I have now been able to install but it looks like there is some panic stopping me from set up.
  3. ok I have now been able to install but it looks like there is some panic stopping me from set up.
  4. update: I went back and modified some of the install options and have made it past the battery issue like before. I am now stuck at a completed bluetooth line and that's it. Looking at other threads I have seen people believe that is has to do with the graphics. any suggestions?
  5. I ended up abandoning the emulated boot drive and just burned it to a disc. I was able to install it without any boot flags but now I cannot boot after install. using the -v boot flag the only issue I see is "AppleDmartBatteryManager:getBatteryBIF(0xE00002BC) failed. Do I need to change one of the patches in regards to the battery or is there a way to boot flag past this?
  6. I wish this would've worked but it did not. I still get the same messages. Also tried them individually combined with -v and I am still have no luck. I found a thread about disabling virtualization and then ran these with it disabled and no change.
  7. After boot flag -v it seams it is having a problem with the "applebluetoothhcicontrollerusbtransport" followed by "still waiting for root device". any help on this would be greatly appreciated.
  8. Hello all,I am new to this site and I am trying to install mountain lion on my ASUS G75VW gaming laptop. The method I am currently trying is with the iso mounted as a boot option. My comp makes it to the loading screen just before language selection to install but appears to be loading continuously with a circle that contains a slash through it on top of the apple logo. Is this normal?
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