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  1. The kernel needs modified for AMD...as always. There seem to be many install methods available now but with the latest Chamelon method my kexts install but do not work for sound. And they were the same kexts used after I installed with MacPwn which is odd.
  2. I am using MacPwn for Yosemite preview 1.2. You have to kind of click around the check boxes to get it to re-select clover boot loader.
  3. I made a usb install for Yosemite. It boots fine. When I select Customize, if I unselect any option, it also unselects the boot loader section and then it will not let me select Clover Standard..only clover EFI. If I leave all options selected clover standard is installed but it also removes my Graphics card kexts and I do not need them removed.
  4. You need to copy the mbr.tar or tar.gz file to the install volume. For mac terminal it is : sudo tar xzvf ~/Downloads/"Name_of_MBR_File" -C /System/Volumes/"NameofUSBInstaller" You need a mac to do it properly. I would install niresh mavericks on a virtual machine with virtual box and then get the usb extensions for it so you can proceed to copy the mbr patch. Where did you get the mbr file?
  5. Yea for AMD processor we don't know yet, I thought he meant AMD graphics.
  6. I installed it on my system but I don't have AMD processor. There is a MacPwn app now for the developer preview file.
  7. There is a MacPwn available for the Yosemite DP1 verison.
  8. Mine said that too but still booted to the install. Boot with -v GraphicsEnabled=No or -v -f.
  9. Make sure you turn off secure bios if you have an EFI bios and set your hard drive interface to AHCI. If you did not receive any kernel panics upon booting the usb or dvd then your cpu should be ok.
  10. Reporting back using MacPois0n and installing everything but the ALC892 driver, the install with MacPois0n worked. Just install iKext and load the ALC892 kext manually. Thank you for the help Deepak!
  11. I will reinstall from the usb I created and I will not select install internet and Audio drivers on the customize section. I will then try running Mac pois0n and see what it does. So basically don't check any customize options from the usb except the advance install.
  12. Well I tried MacPois0n and it didn't work. I selected all my needed kexts and it starts installing. Toward the end it says the installation failed. Not sure why, I tried it twice. Edit: Attached Log from installer InstallerLog1-Jun-2014.txt
  13. Thanks I will try that, I thought by placing the kexts in the usb via the MacPwn instructions that they would install properly. I've remade the usb stick without custom kexts but I did select advanced installation. Maybe that will make a difference.
  14. I already have a working OSX install on an SSD using Niresh Mavericks edition. I wanted to try MacPwn. I followed instructions and gathered my ALC892 Audio kexts, place them in a folder called "Kexts" and I put that folder in another folder called MacPwn. I ran MacPwn and created a usb install. I then rebooted and the installation was fine. When I booted to the OS, when you go to setup your account, it goes back to the beginning of the install screen when you have to select DHCP for internet. If I select skip, I can go to the desktop but I have no Audio or internet. I see the kexts in User Kexts section of the hard drive but why did they not work? I am using the same Audio kexts on my Niresh Mavericks installation and they work fine. 4023-RealtekRTL8111 Kext v1.1.1.zip
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