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  1. So, Ive just put an Atheros wifi chip in my laptop in an effort to get the wifi working. It's obviously registered that the chip is in now because it also has Bluetooth built in and that has become available (didn't have Bluetooth before). Is there something in chameleon that I need to change, because I still can't get the computer to detect the wifi card. I have also installed a number of kexts for Atheros brand wifi chips. Any help will be appreciated.
  2. Hi, just wondering if anyone could suggest which of the Atheros kexts would work best for an AR5B225 model WiFi card? It's a combo WiFi and Bluetooth card, so I'm hoping that there are kexts to get the bluetooth working on it too.
  3. Fixed by downgrading to hda version .5
  4. Managed to fix this with the VooDoo Battery kexts from 10.9
  5. Anyone know how to fix this?
  6. Has anyone found a solution for this yet?
  7. Sorry I've been posting a lot, but this should be the last one. Hopefully others are having the same problems as me and are helped by these too. I've enabled the battery percentage for my laptop during the installation and again in the Chameleon Wizard, however it always shows the battery at 0%. Whether it's plugged in or just on battery power, the percentage always reads 0 and the battery icon is showing that it is less than half full. Any ideas?? Thanks again
  8. I've managed to get this bit fixed by removing the three Mouse, Keyboard and Trackpad PS2 kexts and reinstalling the PS2Controller kext. However, I still cannot get multitouch gestures on my trackpad. When using windows, I had ALPS drivers installed for it and it all worked well.
  9. Has anyone worked out how to get WiFi working with an Intel Centrino N 100 card yet? I know that there was an issue with it in earlier versions of OS X. I can't seem to find drivers for it anywhere and the All-in-One Network solution that Niresh uploaded just causes a Kernel panic and can't be installed. Thanks
  10. Is there a way to disable the VoodooHDA Audio? Other wise I'll need help to fix my microphone. There's a setting in the VoodooHDA that causes the microphone to be monitored and echo itself through the speakers. This is extremely annoying and causes the high pitched squealing. I can go into the VoodooHDA menu in Preferences and turn the monitoring off, but it doesn't save my settings and I have to do it each time I turn the laptop on; again, annoying. Has anyone come across a permanent solution for this?
  11. So, after installing the ALPS Multitouch Trackpad Kext for Mavericks (10.9.x) - Hackintosh ... my laptop's built in keyboard and trackpad have both stopped working. At the moment I am using a wireless set, but need to get the built ins working again. I have deleted the VoodooPS2 kexts from the Extensions folder (I couldn't work out how to uninstall?) which included the VoodooPS2Controller.kext, VoodooPS2Keyboard.kext, VoodooPS2Trackpad.kext and VoodooPS2Mouse.kext. I can replace them if needed, but don't know why that hasn't affected anything. Thanks.
  12. Hi, I've managed to get Yosemite installed and it's working great... except for a few things. 1) iMessage - When I try to log in, it gets stuck trying to complete the log in after I enter my password. 2) WiFi - I have an Intel Centrino N 100 WiFi card. I know that there was issues with the Centrino cards in earlier releases of OS X, but is there a fix for that? I've tried the All in 1 Network solution download that Niresh uploaded, but that just crashes after some sort of panic and I have to restart my machine. 3) Microphone - The inbuilt microphone is echoing out the speakers all the time. I've found that in the VoodooHDA settings you can turn off the monitoring, but that doesn't stay set how I put it after a restart; I have to reset it every time. 4) Trackpad - Is there a way that I can use the multi-touch gestures on my built in trackpad? When I was running Windows I was able to perform two and three finger actions for scrolling and other features. Is there a way to utilize this? My laptop is an ASUS X53E.
  13. For microphone, System Preferences -> VoodooHDA -> Select microphone from drop down on left -> Slide "Monitor" to off
  14. Hi, pretty self explanatory, when I try to install I get an error saying that the installer couldn't unpackage Essentials.pkg. Is this a general error, or is it something to do with my laptop model? I have an ASUS X53E and unfortunately cannot access the exact part models for the different components. The best I can do is Intel WiFi, Graphics i5 CPU and I think chipset. Atheros LAN, Realtek Audio. 128GB SSD, 8GB RAM. Thanks.
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