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  1. did an experiment now. my motherboard has a diplay port (DP) and an hdmi port. i connected both my monitors to these two ports and i am getting dual displays working . but with my gpu i am not able to get display from the display port (DP) of my gpu.signal is coming only from dvi port of gpu... is there a way to get both intel hd and my gpu to work at the same time so that i can connect 2nd monitor to my mobo. my gpu works fine with windows on a dual monitor.... using clover uefi from niresh distro itself. how can i edit vram and nvcap string. clover options show 000000000000000000000000 as nvcap string in graphics option on clover boot options screen which is not supposed to be..........
  2. any ideas?? some 1 help. only problem left for me is getting my second monitor to workkk.....
  3. did some research and came to know that it's the display injector issue. i will have to set the correct nvcap string into the plist.info of the injector kext. my question is which kext will i have to modify in niresh distro so as to get my display right? my gpu is 1gb but it shows only 512 mb. for that i will have to edit vram to 0 x 04 to get my 1gb working i guess . ay help would be appreciated.
  4. try these nvidia drivers... http://www.nvidia.com/object/macosx-304.00.05f02-driver.html
  5. my drivers are upto date.v 304 cuda driver is also upto date. how to update clover UEFI?
  6. if ur using windows use transmac software. run it as administrator and burn the dmg to dvd......that worked for me.
  7. not sure about adobe. but autodesk has officially announced their users not to upgrade to 10.9 as of now...
  8. yes. gpu is nvidia quadro 600... primary is dvi and secondary is hdmi. i used clover uefi bootloader from your distro...
  9. my gpu is nvidia quadro 600. it has two display ports. mobo has inbuilt intel hd 4000 graphics... currently both monitors are connected to gpu.. also my gpu is 1gb. but mac is showing only 512mb on system info (about this mac)..
  10. did some research and found that osx mavericks came with steep changes at os level. so products from adobe, autodesk etc are working with apple to make new service packs.. without which licensing problems etc will occur causing instant halting of program. it seems like we have to wait around 4 months....
  11. HI there,        i have successfully installed niresh mavericks. but i cannot see arrangement tab in sytem prefences display option. what should i do to get my second monitor working. any ideas. any got luck with dual displays in mavericks please help. otherwise everything works fine... i need wifi driver also . i have inbuilt wifi on my mobo. asus maximus vi extreme....thanx in advance....
  12. r u having any probs with autodesk products??? i am having license issues.. error code 110.
  13. burned mavericks dmg to a dual layer dvd using transmac in windows and installation successful.!!!!!!!! thanx a lot NIRESH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. no probs. dual layer is also ok. should'nt cost much.. i've got the dmg. got probs with installing from usb. dvd should work fine. as i did with that on osx 10.8.2
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