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  1. installed, still 4mb, tried modifying ig-platform-id in clover configurator
  2. @Niresh fixed by just reinstalling. Another problem (another, ANOTHER). I need my Intel graphics 5500 work. It has only 4mb if vram. I tried configuring it by clover configurator, and that was unsucessful. I have 820M 2Gb card, i want it to work, is it possible? If not on mojave, maybe high sierra?
  3. @Niresh, k, i booted, loaded and all ok. BUT after restarting (that was in instruction) i got bootloop, and at the end i can see the message "attempting system restart". And system restarts (really?). What do i need to do?
  4. @Niresh got new 32 gb stick, and got this message. Tried to re-recover about 3 times, tried to install about 5 times. So yep. https://pastebin.com/tcbjFUfL
  5. my usb contains 7681mb is it ok?
  6. k, ill try another usb, if i find it.
  7. k, i don't have another>8gb usb. "dispart clean" is ok? It erases all disk, including tables and other things.
  8. https://pastebin.com/GKP8fnWT k
  9. Using Dell Inspiron 3543. i5-5200U. Intel 5500 graphics. 820M (probably won't use it). 4gb ram. UEFI BIOS. All bios settings is ok. Installer stucks on ~5%. And after ~10 minutes i get this message.
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