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  1. My Specs: AMD A8 5550m Radeon HD 5550g(integrated)+8570m(Dedicated) 8gb ram plz help me im not able to enable my graphics card ,i heard that it is not possible to enable integrated card so its ok but how to enable my dedicated card is there any way or no way if there is any way pls help me!!!
  2. @Niresh Is There Any Other Kext Or Something Else That Can Enable My Graphics Card And Fix My Resolution And Graphics Problem? Please Help!!
  3. @ Yeah I have Tried GraphicsEnabler=Yes boot flag but nothing changed
  4. @ Got the Audio working and yes I know WiFi will not work but its not a problem as I can tether my android phone to get internet connection now the only issue is graphics Just created a new thread about this problem: https://www.maconpc.com/topic/2538-im-getting-low-resolution-and-glitchy-graphics/
  5. Pls help my actual screen resolution is 1366×768 but in mavericks there is only 1020×720and i cant change it, and graphics is glitchy and I can only see 3mb vram in about Mac My specs: AMD A8 5550m Radeon HD 5550g(integrated) 8570m(2gb Dedicated) 8gb ram Plz help Guys!!!!
  6. My Specs: AMD A8 5550m Radeon HD 5550g+8570m 8gb ram the graphics is glitchy and i don't know how to remove kext also pls help me wit that also(installed voodoohda using multi beast but not working so i want to remove it) plz help me!!!!
  7. Bro suscessfull installed maverics in my laptop but sound,wifi not working and graphics is glitchy and shows only 3mb graphics in about this mac
  8. Yeah Bro Using orginal charger and the laptop is brand new(purchased 2 weeks ago) so i must not change anything in customise menu?
  9. @Aman Yeah Bro Your Method Finally Helped me to boot nothing connected to any usb port And what device i have to check in at customize option(Macmini,macbookpro,etc)(i checked macpro) is this what causing the installation fail? or any other issues? currently trying again Can i connect laptop charger(but i wasnt connected during the time of above installation)
  10. I am getting installation failed error pls tell me how to fix it My Laptop Specs: AMD A8 5550m Radeon HD 5550g+8570m 8GB Ram
  11. try booting with mavericks usb and select your osx hard disk
  12. [sOLVED] My Specs: AMD A8 5550m Radeon HD 5550g+8570m 8GB Ram Please Help!!!!!!!!!!! [solveD] This was caused because of overheating ,Just placed a cooling fan below the laptop and turn on the Air Conditioner
  13. My Specs: AMD A8 5550 m Radeon HD 5550g+8570m 8GB Ram Why This Coming Instead Of Installation Suceeded
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