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  1. Mijn gok is een onverenigbaarheid met je geïntegreerde grafische kaart. Intel tw2000 heeft geen ondersteuning voor Mac OS, en ik geloof dat dat wat op je computer staat, je dit kunt bevestigen. als je kunt, probeer dan een grafische kaart te installeren als die beschikbaar is en probeer dan op te starten, nvida gt710 is een goedkope kaart die uit de doos moet werken, de meeste andere kaarten kunnen werken met een beetje tweaken, Ik ben een Engelse spreker, dus ik heb google traslate gebruikt, hopelijk helpt dit jou My guess is an incompatibility with your integrated graphics card., intel hd2000 does not have support for mac os, and i believe thats what is in your computer, you can confirm this. if you can, try installing a graphics card if you have one available and then attempt booting, nvida gt710 is a cheap card that should work out of the box, most other cards can work with a little tweaking,
  2. Inject Nvidia is unchecked in clover configuration, but in the clover EFI boot options menu the selection is checked. i have also tried booting with inject nvidia on, and off. if i boot with inject nvidia off i get a black screen. I can see the line nvda startup: web when the kernal loads and the web driver shows it is on in the nvidia control panel. Lilu and nvidia graphics fixyup installed to s/l/e. still no HDMI? I wanted to use this machine to run visuals with a projector I'm a IT guy so i understand and learn quick, but im still somewhat new to hackintoshing.
  3. @Niresh i removed whatevergreen, nvidiagraphics fixup and lilu are installed to s/l/e problem still occurs =/ ive read somewhere you need to disable inject nvdia to use whatevergreen or nvidia graphics fixup. but if i boot without it i get a black screen on laptop display =/
  4. I have Yosemite installed with working onboard sound and wireless, im using asus G60vx laptop with nvidia gtx260m my only problem is that when i connect an HDMI my Laptops built in display will freeze. If i boot with HDMI connected i get a black screen after the kernal finishes loading. using mac pro 3.1 smbios. Ive installed web drivers(and adding nvda_drv=1), tried putting lilu and whatevergreen kexts and (in clover extras) inject nvidia is on in clover options The operating system runs great otherwise, any ideas? 3d apps work well otherwise, vanilla wow runs well so acceleration is working
  5. installed 10.10 using niresh distro, still having the HDMI issue. installed web drivers, added nvda_drv=1 also added lilu and whatevergreen kext to clover extras folder. OS runs tgreat otherwise?
  6. flags put into chamelon plist no longer need to input flags, osx boots right up still using cpus=1 no external displays are detected
  7. I was able to install encoch chameleon by taking the hard drive out and installing enoch while connected to usb, i was recieving gpt boot0 error due to my Western digital Black hard drive im using in this laptop. I no longer need the flash drive to boot, im still putting in boot args manually at chamelon loader. No display out of VGA, havent found graphic acceleration problems otherwise.
  8. I've also discovered i cannot connect a external vga display, havent tested hdmi
  9. got wireless working with drivers mentions aboved, sees my flash drivers for transfering data fine now? appears i must boot with cpus=1 how i can i i fix this Tried to install chimera/chameleon with multibeast but the bootloader doesnt load, still have to boot into os with usb
  10. Hi, first post here . Thanks Niresh for your distro Closest ive been to a completely functional hackintosh Asus ROG G60VX Laptop Intel Core 2 Duo P7450 (2.13 GHz) 4 GB Memory 320 GB HDD NVIDIA GeForce GTX 260M ---------Working with no graphical issues/ no setup needed Netgear ac6100 usb wireless adapter Currently booting with and dakewake=0(fixed sleep for me) from niresh usb -using chameleon Needed nvdisable=1 -x to get to installer (also booted with cpus=1 but i dont think its required) audio works (with internal mic off, Mic input comes through speakers otherwise) I was able to install niresh mavericks to my old G60-VX laptop. It doesnt support uefi so i understand thats likely why the booloader in the image doesnt work for me. I wanted to install chameleon as my bootloader on hard drive and set my boot flags permanently. Havent yet tried as im having trouble transfering files to the machine(see below) Im also having trouble having this machine recognize flash drives in fat32 format. i was attempting to transfer multibeast and the wireless drivers to my hackintosh from my windows machine. It sees the drive if i format it to osx journaled with disk utility , but not if it make it fat32 from windows? Im wondering why this is, if i could figure that out i believe i can get my usb wireless adapter to work and maybe my ethernet As of my understanding the onboard wireless is unsupported, but i have a wireless adapter(netgear ac6100) that people have reported working with this driver i would like to try once i can transfer it to my hackintosh =/ http://support.dlink.com/ProductInfo.aspx?m=DWA-182 Any Tips or knowledge that could be shared with me will be appreciated
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