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  1. the high saw system the most compatible mac operating system that currently exists, it literally works with almost everything or if it does not work since it is open source and people hang files to fix common mistakes that happen ..... I think it is your best option ... is also optimized super good ..... it suits you to produce music etc.
  2. I do not think, maybe if it can be made compatible with nvidia web, I would install everything without the graphics card and in the end when everything is working I would connect the card and start researching Kext for the 750ti .... surely someone will invented something haha
  3. Hi, how about, I wanted to know if, is the Amd Radeon rx 580 4gb graphics card natively compatible with the Catalina operating system? or it is necessary to put kext or something similar. thank you very much. Here I leave the link of the card to which I refer ... the only thing that is in my Spanish language: https://articulo.mercadolibre.com.ar/MLA-794442821-placa-de-video-gamer-amd-radeon-rx-580-4gb-sentey-gddr5-logg-_JM?quantity=1#position=1&type=item&tracking_id=8c82cad1-cc0e-4b2c-a439-aff501b18b57
  4. Hello how about I have doubts again, the first one would like to know if the core 2 quad processors are compatible with the High Sierra operating system, the second question is whether the Chipset "NVIDIA® MCP73V Chipset" is compatible with the system, and thirdly I have a motherboard P6NGM-L of the MSI brand and wanted to know if it is compatible with the system especially the part of the ethernet and sound, I leave the link of the specifications of the board: https: //en.msi.com/Motherboard / P6NGML / Specification Greetings from Argentina
  5. I am having problems installing macOS catalina I get an error that says the following: "I need help because no I know what to do ... I don't know if you need any code to put in the terminal or something thank you very much." "I need help because no I know what to do ... I don't know if you need any code to put in the terminal or something thank you very much.
  6. perfect, he managed to install it haha, I can't believe it, now I have other problems hahaha, it doesn't connect to the internet, I'm going to investigate it because I think it will be necessary to download a specific ketx for my ethernet port, but the most important thing is that it doesn't work the clover, I have a system of bios uefi .... but for some reason when I take the pendrive to start from the ssd ... does not recognize it and not boot, do we have to activate the boot somewhere? thank you very much.
  7. great, I'm going to ask you another question, according to other questions I asked about the compatibility of the gtx 1060 6gb card, I care here that it is only compatible with high sierra. if so, how much do you install mac high sierra ..... just recognize it to the card? Or will it be necessary to put some additional kext or activate nvidia web? I know that when you are about to install the option to customize the installation, what should I do? select in the graphics section "nvidia graphics" or leave it like this ?? thank you very much.
  8. should i put that in the usb boot terminal before installing ?? I give it to enter and ready?
  9. Hello, I am glad that this page exists to carry out the hakintosh, the problem I have is the following, I have downloaded neris high sierra since it is the only version compatible with the gtx 1060 6gb graphics card, when I want to install the software high saw a warning appears to me while it is being installed that says the following: "there are no eligible packages to install. Contact the software manufacturer for help. Close the installer to restart your computer and try again." It is very strange that I get that message because not long ago I installed Catalina on the same computer and there was no problem, everything was perfect. I am not able to get past this error ... and I don't understand what it can be ..... can you help me. Greetings from Argentina Pd: I have made sure that the DMG download was perfect without errors to rule out that option
  10. Exactly, but what did I select in the installation screen in the customization option ?, because there is a section in which it gives the option to activate the nvidia graphics ... and another in which it seems that it activates the intel graphics .... I I explain ???
  11. perfect, when I install High Sierra, what should I do to recognize the gtx 1060 card? I send life drives in the ketx customization window before installing the software or uncheck the graphics box and only mac will recognize the card by itself. Thank you so much. PS: If you can give me a little guide so that everything goes well, I would appreciate it.
  12. perfect thank you very much for answering, I just posted other questions I had about Catalina ... maybe you can help me. Regards
  13. Hello, how about I have questions about the new Catalina system, it turns out that when installing Catalina at the time of choosing the graphics drives etc ... when choosing the intel graphics automatically choose other internet drives and other functions, I think this It is giving me problems since for example the internet does not work (and with mojave if it worked) and the bootclover does not work either, I have a Fatal1ty Z77 Professional-M board of the Asrock brand and I do not find the way to boot only without the pendrive, Another thing I do not understand is that when looking for the clover in applications or utilities, it does not appear, only one application appears to update the clover .... without the clover I am afraid that I will not be able to activate the nvidia web. ..etc .... finally I wanted to ask if it would be possible to install a graphic card nvidia GTX 1060 6GB (the version that has only 1 fan) for some reason reading some guides I saw that it could become compatible with metal slug .. .. maybe me wrong, in any case a big hug and greetings from Argentina;)
  14. Hi, how is my name Alejandro? I have been looking at the guides to install Catalina and I have noticed that you have put a list of compatible graphics cards native to Mac, the question would be 2: a) Do you need to put any special ketx for those compatible cards or does the Mac simply recognize them? b) Could you make some kind of list with compatible mac cards for mojave ??? or saw ?? c) I have a 1060 evga of 6gb the version that has a single fan, I have read that for the Catalina system that card will be compatible by putting nvidia web .... could you confirm it and give me some tips to install it, I also have another pc with a gt 730 ..... Thank you very much for the attention of this page I am passionate about this kind of thing, I send a greeting from Argentina.
  15. hello friend, we managed to solve the theme of the graphics with our cpu, now I received a computer with an intel celeron processor, what is the mac operating system that could stand? greetings from Argentina
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