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  1. Awesome! Is that with open core BL?
  2. Is there a solution yet for booting Big Sur on a PC? What's been tried and what is sort of working? Looking forward to getting it installed soon!
  3. Any news on an updated installer that is 10.15.5? that would be awesome!! Can I donate to make that happen? How much? Please let me know, thanks! Or is it possible to update if I first change Clover and Whatevergree and Lilu kexts first? Please lmk what the solution is, thanks.
  4. I had to turn off CSM (compatibility mode in bios) to get the Sapphire to work, and then install Niresh fresh. That worked! but unfortunately I was unable to update to 10.15.3 or .4. We need an updated installer.
  5. YES! Great idea if Niresh and update the installer to include the 10.15.4 update and tweaked to work for would be awesome!
  6. oops I didn't see your pic attached. It shows as a grey box only.
  7. I’ve been running a 680 GTX with good results. Bought a Sapphire 580 8gb and found my mobo would not boot until I disabled csm. I had to reinstall Niresh Catalina. Success! Then tried an update to 10.15.3 with dmg and it would not get to Apple logo. Any suggestions?
  8. Hi guys! I had the nvidea GTX 680 4gb running perfectly and decided to get a Saphire RX 580 as shown. it booted ok but went black screen at the Apple logo. Is this an easy fix or an I better off doing a fresh install? thanks!
  9. By chance has anyone tried this mobo? I found a deal on a used one and wondering if I should buy it. Are the 390 mobos comparable to the 370 mobos? Any suggestions appreciated, thanks!
  10. Trying to activate an old iPhone 5c for my kid, and it's "activation locked" to someone's old account. From what I read there's an app for Windows floating around, anyone know it? thanks!
  11. I've tried a few Overclocking settings on my rig, CPU - Intel i5-6600k 3.5GHz 4M cache Socket 1151 (2015 4 core 4 thread, onboard Intel® HD Graphics 530) MOBO - Gigabyte Z170-HD3P RAM - 32G DDR4 2933MHz CL17 Kingston HyperX Fury Black And I've had mixed results. At the max setting, the boot gets to the desktop and panics. At a medium setting it works, and is slightly faster, but at the same time I have been having Messages problems that could be related (?) Curious what others have found, thanks!
  12. I would be interested in this answer too. Most of the info out there is outdated and the laptops are not available. If anyone has recos on models available in North America (Amazon, BestBuy, etc.) that would be appreciated, thanks!
  13. Try to choose a different Clover partition when booting
  14. I've been meaning to update my Clover hoping for a fix for my Messages app randomly not sending my msgs. What way would be the best method for me to use, or any tips? I've seen different ideas. Suggestions welcome, thanks, Martin.
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