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  1. My pc restart after boot in hackintosh
  2. I installed the clover but still the computer keeps restarting and agr it hangs from nothing when it is booting
  3. in the installer my pc was restarting alone, which boot flag can i use? I used PCIRootUID = 1 and npci = 0x3000 to install but it seems that I didn't install the right mac because without internet
  4. my internet driver was not recognized
  5. Would you help me? I installed the hackintosh but dps take the flash drive it does not boot, is a risk flashing black screen, I can only boot with the flash drive plugged
  6. is it possible to install high sierra on amd fx 8300 and M5A78L -M LX/BR?
  7. run on this computer? Hardware: Processor: AMD FX 8300 Graphics Card: GTX 1050 TI 8GB RAM Mother Board: M5A78L-M LX/BR
  8. is it possible to install high sierra on amd fx 8300?
  9. @Niresh with this function off my usb does not appear in the boot menu
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