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  1. @Niresh https://support.hp.com/sg-en/document/c03783671#AbT3 this is spec of my laptop. From what i found from wiki.. my device id is 0166 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Intel_graphics_processing_units
  2. @Niresh Manged to mount efi partition... the process is as follows used Mini Tool Partition Manger to Change drive letter then used HFS ++ and then was able to access the efi folder... now deleted ... the related graphics ktext but still same problem appears.
  3. @mcdoandeds @Niresh downloaded but still failed.. with hfs+can't explore efi partition i can explore other partition with this but not efi one.. if selected then the error is shown..
  4. @Niresh Though there is efi volume but i am not being able to access it from windows , tried explorer ++, diskpart and other that i found on net.. But nothing seems to working.. It's driving me crazy... but with trans mac that is the only thing i can see..
  5. @Niresh Yes but there is no /EFI/Clover/Kexts/10.14/ folder
  6. @Niresh Correct me if i am wrong but from windows explorer i am not about to browse files any in any way.. as format for mac is simply disabling windows to explore that usb drives file system. And i created usb using Transmac as you have instructed in your guide.
  7. @Niresh Do i need to delete it from usb prior before selecting Niresh Mojave Installer ?? if yes .. then should i do it with terminal? .. Can you point me to guides or commands to do that??
  8. @Niresh I am not sure but it's intel HD 4000 that is the model of my graphics card... so the device id is it unique? of same for each model??
  9. I am facing issue with mojave install and my screen goes blank .. below image is the current status. This happens when i select to boot form niresh mojhave then. ... boom. My graphics in built in intel HD 4000
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