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  1. the dell 790 must detect the usb on it's own to boot off uefi usb you set the bios to uefi type boot with no drives in the menu the pc will error on boot,the bios screen will now show UEFI: INT13(USB,0x80) as a menu choice you tick that and theoretically it will now boot off the usb drive BTW, punctuation,spacing and capitalization all matter. You have an option to add all the data in bios but the apply button is greyed out.So your manual settings are never saved. That was with a usb 20gig hardrive,I did try it with 8gig and 32gig usb sticks to no avail and with other usb hard rives of different sizes. I ended up using one of the other leading brands installers on a 100gig hardrive and deleted their high sierra install file. Then it boots into the clover menu As mentioned in the previous post I did manually copy the .efi files to the root of the refi partition and manually set up bios,but when it boots into the clover there is no usb option to load,just says MaconPC with the submenus boy is this fun.
  2. can't get the macpwn to boot off usb to save my life. With the dell 790 you have to manually add all uefi details in bios;pciroot(0x0/pci(0x1d,0x0/int13(usb,0x80 and so on and manually choose the efi file which has to be in the root of the efi partition and never is. If I select the EFI folder the pc locks up and I have to cycle power to exit. If I manually type in /BOOT/cloverx64.efi the bios screen has no option to save the boot sequence choice. That is with using a usb hard rive with macpwn installed and a 32gig usb stick. I don't see how anybody with a dell 790 gets it loaded.
  3. I used the freeware commandline program dmg2img then win32diskimager to get it onto a 9 gig usb hardrive They say you can do it in osx with the hdiutil command then disk utility to get it onto usb but I didn't try that yet. hdiutil convert yo.dmg -Format UDTO - o yo.img I shorten the name because I hate to type.
  4. getting a dell 790 today so I will be playing with that instead would have been nice to have a laptop I can take into public with hackintosh
  5. unfortunately the laptop is so old it doesn't have the efi option in the boot menu. I went with the mavericks mbr like on other desktop pc's I have My dell t7400 doesn't have efi either and that has quad 2 core xeon mavericks loads on that.
  6. southbridge AMD MBR mavericks niresh install with said card ath9kfixup 1.20 ath9kinjector 1.20 which doesn't load lilu 1.20 modded IO80211family.kext v6.0 I had to mod the airportatheros4.0 kext to add my card pci 168c,32 once I removed the atth9kinjector from the s/l/e the card was detected by mavericks the card detected no networks -ath9485 got the card working edited the chameleon boot.plist <string>npci=0x2000 dart=0 -ath9485</string> airport utility doesn't detect any new device but will show the green dot when connected to the internet. The injector may be for newer osx versions. I had to tack on the arg to and existing one,it didn't like a string of it's own unless I am doing it wrong. Using it now to get here. download speeds of 6MBs so good enough for emails and slow browsing.
  7. tried with mavericks but installer gets stuck on failed to initialize smc device. like a cat with a dead mouse, I went on to play with something else.
  8. interesting mine has the core 2 duo T7250 2GHz but only 2 gig of ram so I can't try it with osx.
  9. niresh mavericks on a dell Latitude 3330 laptop i3 1500mhz 6gig of ram loaded with minor burps I selected clove uefi as the bootloader and niresh never loads the bootloader to hardrive. I had to use another tool program to load clover then play with the pc bios to get it to work right. You have to manually add all the settings to pc bios or it never boots. precise hardrive pci address and the efi file to load. hd3000 graphics so I have to find a driver for that and the keyboard/track pad doesn't work.
  10. xtgold


    A moot point since high sierra doesn't need this folder/file to make a loader with the other brands of installers. It may not even use that anymore,I don't download from apple so I don't know what a legit install looks like.
  11. macpwn to usb hardrive does it's thing,but when I boot off the usb it doesn't show as a menu choice in the hackintosh menu. I already had lion on a partition on the hardrive as the efi experiment to make sure it boot on my lenovo m72e tower pc. That was a pain since the lion had chameleon bootloader and wasn't designed for guid or efi boots. Anyway lion shows in the usb menu and that is all.The usb looks real sparse and just has high sierra installer. 80 gig usb hardrive 2 partitons.One for the installer and another spare.
  12. xtgold


    the line: echo -e '\000com.apple.InstallAssistant.High_Sierra' > _MASReceipt/receipt doesn't work it just makes a puny file called receipt with the words com.apple.InstallAssistant.High_Sierra instead of a real receipt. I think they assume you are running the line on a previous legit install. It doesn't even error out if you don't have the install.app in the apps folder. I am trying to get any installer to work on a dmg off the net.
  13. the 1st post was actually for newer web files. the .dmg was for the osx 10.7.5
  14. A .dmg webdriver takes more steps 1. download dmg 2.extract 0.hfs 3.double click 0.hfs extract nvidia drivers 4.keep clicking til you see archive.pax.gz 5.extract 6.double click the . folder 7.extract all .kext
  15. win 7 using old 7-zip archive manager v9.20 1) download webdriver .pkg to pc 2) double click on the file, double click on 1st item in the list 1.3-63..... 3) extract payload to folder on pc 4) rename file to payload .gz 5) double click extract payload. 6) rename to payload.dmg 7) double click on . extract . to pc now you have the webdrivers to manually install didn't try with newer versions of windows or the 7-zip once you rename the files you may be able to do the rest on the mac away from home now so I can't verify that.
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