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  1. Ok, so I have had great success installing on my desktop. Now comes my BIG challenge; installing on my aging Dell 1545. I am able to get SL installed, but I have been never been able to get anything newer to load. I've tried TONS of different boot flags, but I've never been able to get to the install screen. If anyone has some guidance I'd really appreciate the help. Thanks!
  2. Yes, It's active, and I am actually having no issues at all; booting into OS X(which I find ironic) It's the Windows Partition that is giving me the blasted error. Looking a little bit at Clover..... I'll update in a bit
  3. So, It's a little slow at work right now(Dont tell the boss ) In my BIOS, I have my OS X Drive set to Boot #1 For the Windows drive, the UEFI has 2 entries, "UEFI Windows Boot Manager" "UEFI OCZ 256"(My Windows 7 installation) To normally boot into Windows I have to select #1 - "UEFI Windows Boot Manager" as my 1st Boot drive. Easy enough. The problem I have is that when I set boot order to: #1 - OS X to 1st Boot #2 - UEFI Windows Boot Manager. Chameleon does not see "UEFI Windows Boot Manager". It doesn't even list it. I only get the option to boot to OS X If I change the #2 Boot to "UEFI OCZ 256"(My Windows 7 installation), then Chameleon does see the Windows installation, but when I select the Windows installation, I get a "No MBR Boot" error So it seems that I either need to get Chameleon to see the "UEFI Windows Boot Manager", OR I need to get Windows boot loaders onto the "UEFI OCZ 256"(My Windows 7 installation) All of which is a scary proposition, messing around with boot loaders EDIT***** Just found this over at (tmac86's site) "Installing UEFI for Windows 8 and dual booting with Mountain Lion can't be done using Chimera / Chameleon as the boot loader - they cannot see the Win8 boot files partition." time for a ton more reading
  4. I do, I also have it connected at SATA0, with the Windows drive connected to SATA1
  5. I did try using Chameleon, and that didn't seem to work. I'm thinking it may have to do with the UEFI and how it's creates the Windows partitions. I'll get more info when I get off work in a few hours I'll let you know what I find. Thanks for the feedback
  6. Your best bet is to try here:https://www.maconpc.com/topic/900-how-to-find-kexts-driver-for-your-hardware/
  7. I am! One of the odd things I've noticed, is that I am not able to adjust my volume. I am using the Optical output, and I can change to that output, and get sound, but the volume slider is greyed out. I've updated the kexts (AppleIntelE1000E) for my board(ALC-898), but that didn't fix it either. Another Question/Issue: I have 2 different SSD's one is for my Win 7 installation, the other is for my OS X. In the BIOS, it lists my OS X drive(SATA0), and my Win 7 Drive(SATA1), it also lists my Windows boot partition. I can set the BIOS to boot to OS X 1st, but when I select my 2nd boot option to Windows 7(NOT the boot partition) it will show both OS's in Chameleon, but if I try to boot to Win7, I get a boot error. If I set the 2nd boot drive to the Windows Boot partition, it doesn't show up in Chameleon. That partition is what I have to set in the BIOS to boot to Win 7 I can boot to either drive, I'm forced(at this point) to change the boot order in the BIOS when I want to go from Mavericks to Win 7, and I am still determining if I can make the full switch to OS X. So I still need to run my Windows OS
  8. I did get it. And it did work, I set my BIOS to run the internal Video, on installation I un-checked the Video Kext, completed the install, set the computer up(initially), re-booted into the BIOS changed back to my 7950, and it restarted fine Now comes the fun part....... setting everything up. Thanks for the help!
  9. I was able to get it launched and set up using the internal graphics, but that sort of defeats the purpose of having the nice video card. I'll re-install trying your suggestion. Thanks
  10. I was able to get Mavericks installed, but at first boot I get a fatal error. I'm guessing it's coming from my video card ("File: ati.c, Line 1772") My Equipment: Gigabyte Z87X-UD3H bio rev 7 Intel i7 4770k socket 1150 20Gb G.Skill DDR3 Pyro 120gb SSD
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