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  1. @Niresh it seems weird but the lzvn is already in place. i have to create a copy of the plist file though. save it somewhere else and replace the original once i am finished editing. hope that's what i should be doing
  2. @Niresh is there a certain clover update i should apply or should i just get the latest one? for no i would download
  3. @Niresh y i am sure. but i'll check it once again. i have not fiddled with the installation. just let the zone distro work its magic. but the lzvn was already updated somehow... i was confused about that aswell and disapointed when i had the same sandbox errors after the combo update that's why i am asking if there is any other way to work around the sandbox situation. cheers
  4. @Niresh ok thanks i will try that. the sandbox fix did not work though. i performed a fresh install and fix of sandbox (including kerneL) and combo update i did by the letter as in the fix. i could not replace 'lzss' because it was alredy a 'lzvn' still got the sandbox error. here some new screen photos https://mega.nz/#F!caJHxKhK!Ams-pjBnjo18iwy5DXz5Jw is there another sandbox fix? anyhow i will give it another go
  5. @Niresh u said before i should install yosemite with backup graphics extensions selected... i am a little confused
  6. @Niresh i tried the updte to 10.10.5 did not really work. on reboot i got stuck with black screen again with the white stripes turning then freezing (i hope you know what i mean?). i did a verbose start thereafter. was tough to get good pics of the feedback though. i hope you this can be helpful https://mega.nz/#F!RehXgCZY!BQ7CKtRHiqycWk-Tq6guCA thanks so much
  7. @Niresh think i figured out the advice you gave me. but still i am stuck with the same resolution. graphics seem kind of laggy
  8. but still is there a "best" way to upgrade the system to the latest yosemite version. the download and install version did not work. and if am not mistaken i need to patch the kernel in oder to do it? not sure
  9. yi got it running. its not perfect. but that's what i expected. @Niresh do you have any advice how to enable my full display resolution? i am stuck at 1440x900 something. also i got trouble loggin on and off.... the rest i am still checking out. or should i upgrade to the latest yosemite before checking all this out... and whats the best way there.... a lot still on my mind as u can read
  10. @Niresh https://mega.nz/#F!lLBx3AKQ!lv5he3G3xXnwD26c_os_bw here is a link consisting of 2 photos. hope this does surfice
  11. hi, i installed the niresh yosemite version sucessfully but got troubles during first launch after installation. halfway loaded it freezes. i ran verbose mode. states the following this line over and over BUG in process suhelperd[162]: over-released legacy external boost assertions (1 total, 1 external, 0 legacy-external) followed by ACPI_SMC_PlatformPlugin::start -waitForService(resouceMtching(AppleIntelCPUPowerManagment) timed out hfs:mounted Yosemite Zone on device disk1s2 hfs:unmount initiated on Yosemite Zone on device disk1s2 **** [IOBluetoothHCIController][SearchForTransportEventTimeOutHandler] -- Missing Bluetooth Controller Transport i got no bluetooth device btw ideas?^^
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