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  1. Same issue here with Gigabyte Aorus Gaming 7 and Intel i7-8700k.
  2. Also the manufacturer specifications says dedicated graphics for the Nvidia. Yeah like that makes a difference if it can’t be disabled, etc in bios.
  3. The laptop was purchased new in August 2015. So yeah a few years old but runs like a beast.
  4. So basically if there is a dedicated 950m on my laptop this is why I am at the same point? MSI laptops have no way to disable the dedicated 950m card in the bios at all. I had read that in order to disable the dedicated 950m that the laptop would have to have a "switch" for it?
  5. Well no matter what way I chose it isn't working... and not to mention that it made my system unbootable without using the Mojave install USB. ugh. lol
  6. I did try out voodoo 2.9.1 by installing it when I was on 10.14.1 from the first install but it still only worked the same way. I haven’t tried it since I did the upgrade to 10.14.3 or the AppleALC.kext. Will try those again on 10.14.3 and see what happens, I get a little confused on installing the AppleALC.kext. What is the best way to install it? i also Run into the same issue on my desktop with all the speakers not working. aorus gaming 7 i7-8700k intel hd630 geforce gets 1070 but I took that one back down to High Sierra because of the issue with Nvidia not working on Mojave. thanks for the quick response back.
  7. Got the Mojave distro installed on my MSI Haswell laptop. Been waiting a LONG time to get this done. Thanks so much for the image. The HD4600 graphics are working good now. I did the upgrade to Mojave 10.14.3 from the app store no problem. I cannot get the audio to work. It is the ALC892 codec and the sound only works through the headsets and not through the speakers of the laptop. Any suggestions or help would be appreciated. Thanks
  8. bradm

    Niresh Mojave

    Worked as advertised. Was able to download the image no problem and got it over to usb and installed on my Haswell MSI laptop without issues except for no audio. Will figure that out. As for no link to download the Mojave... Look at the red bar right above the reviews where it says "Download Niresh Mojave" or link here: You have to be sure to download the Restore Mojave image also in order to put it on usb: Merely click the Accept and Download and wait the 45 seconds or post it on Facebook, etc to stop the 45 second wait.
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