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  1. Okay, a couple of reboots later and screens are now both black
  2. I've updated to 10.12.6, I then booted with nv_disable=1 and removed the 'nvidia web' option from Clover. I then updated Nvidia web driver (it popped up with the relevant update when I booted). After a reboot without 'nv_disable=1' and with the 'nvidia web' option checked again, both displays are working. I'll update this thread once I know whether it's actually fixed the problem or not - I guess I'll find out once I've restarted the computer a few times. Since the update however, USB 2.0 ports aren't working, but 3.0 ports are. Now trying to fix that.
  3. Someone on Reddit suggested taking a look at this guide for an EliteBook: https://www.tonymacx86.com/threads/guide-hp-probook-elitebook-zbook-using-clover-uefi-hotpatch-10-11.189416/ I read somewhere on tonymacx86 that these mobile graphics chipsets have a piece of technology that toggle between the AMD graphics and the Intel integrated graphics to save power. Mac doesn't play nice with this feature, so it might be worth disabling the AMD graphics in your BIOS and give that a try. If that works, you'll have to run Mac on the integrated graphics only.
  4. I've installed Sierra 10.12.3 on the following: Intel i3 CPU 2x GTX 560 Ti I've disabled the integrated graphics in UEFI/BIOS, and installed Nvidia web drivers. I've also enabled the Nvidia web driver option in Clover. Everything was running fine, I have 2 displays hooked up, 1 using HDMI in the first graphics card and 1 using DVI in the first graphics card. After about 3 reboots, the graphics is now behaving strangely. When I turn the computer on I see output on the DVI display up until Mac has booted. As soon as it's finished booting the DVI display turns black and there's only output on the HDMI display. What's more is Mac doesn't recognise that there are 2 displays connected. Nvidia web drivers does still show there are 2 graphics cards present. I've taken a look in IOREG but I don't know my way around it properly. As far as I can tell IOREG is only detecting the 1 display too. edit I have tried a variety of different boot flags, including variations of: nvda_drv=1/0 nv_disable=1/0 I'm running on SMBIOS iMac 14,2 I have also tried toggling CSM in my UEFI/BIOS (found this suggestion on another forum) but if I turn everything to UEFI only there, my Mac harddrive doesn't show as a bootable drive. edit 2 Interestingly enough, the audio stopped working properly when the graphics did too - the audio output had just changed itself to a different option. Now I've changed it back the audio is working fine. This makes me wonder if Mac has just tried to automatically detect my cards and failed to do so this time around? Whatever it is, it's not a random boot issue as this graphics issue now occurs every time I boot the computer. I have tried to reinstall - a fresh install fixed the problem, but once I rebooted a few times the exact same problem occurred again.
  5. I'm starting a fresh - booting with: -v kcsuffix=amd npci=0x2000 Currently getting this error before install boots: usbsts hchalted
  6. Have you followed the guide to make sure you've set your BIOS options correctly?
  7. Reflashed the BIOS? Did you reset your BIOS to default settings? Did you setup your Windows USB correctly? Have you tried it on another computer to make sure?
  8. Got it to install, but now it won't boot - not even from the USB with the same boot flags. No errors appear, it shows the initial line of "++++++++++", then reboots.
  9. Okay got past that error - it was the "slide=0" default boot flag, removed that. Now stuck on [PCI configuration begin]. Attempting to use the 'PCIRootUID=1' boot flag but using shift causes the P key to repeat a hell of a lot, going to see if I can get around this one. Will also try booting Chameleon again shortly if I don't get around the key repeat issue in Clover.
  10. @Niresh I tried both amd and amd1 now as kernel using kcsuffix boot flag, now getting the following error: Error allocating 0x1655 pages at 0x....c7a000 alloc type 2 Error loading kernel cache (0x9) Boot failed, sleeping for 10 seconds before exiting... Currently searching Google to see if I can find an answer but if you know what this is that'd be great. I have already tried with 'nv_disable=1' Tried booting Chameleon by pressing 2 as you suggested - a couple of times it kept booting to Clover, but one time it went to a black screen and nothing else?
  11. Nice one for hijacking my thread. @Niresh Sorry I'm using Clover, not Chameleon - wrote the wrong as I read it.
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