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  1. reinstall mavericks with the kexts that seem right to you and just use boot flag -f and it should work !
  2. Deadmau5 , I reinstalled mavericks to start out fresh and at the custumize section on the installer , I chose the igp checkbox instead of the graphics enabler checkbox. I can't remember exactly how they were called but do you think it'll make a difference ?Update: I reinstalled and checked the other uption lol
  3. Thanks ! And after I get my igp platform id , how do I insert into the chameleon.boot.plist? Sorry -.- lol
  4. Glad to help it should work without having to put -f but if it does freeze again , you can put -f again
  5. I successfully installed Mavericks but I'm having a problem with acceleration im guessing ? The computer seems to detect Intel hd 4000 on computer info but I think there is no accelleration. ive seen many post where they say to try using graphicsenabler=yes and adding ig platform id in chameleon.boot.plist but I don't know how to the ig platform id:/ part. does anyone know by any chance ?
  6. Restart the computer and put -f and that should Fix it:)
  7. fabyprado123


    did you get it fixed ? I'm also having stutters when resizing and maximizing applications.
  8. update : my computer detects intel HD graphics 4000 but it only has 64 MB of shared system memory. it still stutters when I drag an application around. I used bootflag graphicsenabler=yes but it doesn't make a difference. what can I do? should I download a different boot loader that has Intel hd4000 by default ?
  9. thanks for replying ! means a lot ! I can't find what WiFi card my laptop uses but of it helps my laptop is a Toshiba satellite s855-s5165 .
  10. I successfully installed mavericks but I'm having some problems :/1. it looks like my Intel HD 4000 isnt being used or something ? when I drag an opened program for example safari , it stutters way too much !! any help on that ?2. my laptops fan is constantly running therefore using a lot of battery :/ is there a kext or something that detects the temperature and stops the fan when not hot ? 3. where can I find WiFi kext for my laptop ? the laptop is only detecting Ethernet . I'll update later with the name of my WiFi card.
  11. at first , I also had the same problem my computer would turn black after the apple loading screen. it looks like your your computer isn't detecting the video card. what I did was when installing mavericks , in customize tab I checked the kext " backup graphics" and that worked for me ! my video card is Intel HD 4000 different from yours but It could work ? also make sure ! in the customize tab that you see anything related on your video card.
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