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  1. @shukar Hi thanks for the reply i tried this and still the problem persists
  2. Hi i get into a boot loop when i try to boot from the usb to the installer i get 'attempting system restart' and it restarts to my laptops splash screen. any help would be appreciated. heres my specs Lenovo ideapad 310-i5isk Intel Core i7 6500U @ 2.50GHz Skylake-U/Y 14nm Technology 20GB DDR4 RAM 1TB Crucial SSD Intel HD Graphics 520\nVidia GeForce 920MX
  3. @Niresh ok I will try voodoohda but my settings don’t save and Bluetooth headphones/speakers connect but don’t play any sound on it even without any audio kexts installed could you help with that?
  4. AppleALC is still not working. when i type in ioregistryexplorer under hdef layout id is set at 7 instead of 3 and i cant change it. I set it at 3 in clover configurator and even used the correct info.plist from the repo which matches my sound card (CX20752) but it still doesnt work. any help would be appreciated.
  5. @Niresh I seem to have fixed the issue it looks like it was an issue with kextcache even though i used ' sudo touch /Library/Extensions && sudo kextcache -u /' to rebuild kextcache it didn't work. I then used kext utility to rebuild kext cache because i read in a guide that kextbeast doesn't rebuild kextcache efficiently so i run the program, restarted and just like magic its booting normally again. One last problem is AppleALC is recognised as installed to the latest version in hackintool but i'm still not getting any audio?
  6. @Niresh Hi i used that fakeid but i'm still getting the same problem. its only when i change the platform i.d to 0x1 that i can boot but theres still no graphics acceleration. is there anything i could do inside macos to get it working? also when i boot with platform id 0x1 and fakeid 12345678 lilu, whatevergreen are not shown as installed on hackintool could this be the problem? any help would be appreciated
  7. @Niresh is there a fix for this i can boot with other ways but i don't get graphics acceleration
  8. @Niresh I can boot with fake-id 0x12345678 and platform-id 0x1 but theres no graphics acceleration. I've tried booting with no kexts in clover/kexts/other but its still the same results. i want to get lilu working so i can use applealc
  9. heres my setup Lenovo ideapad 310-i5isk Intel Core i7 6500U @ 2.50GHz Skylake-U/Y 14nm Technology 20GB DDR4 RAM(16GB on macOS) 1TB Crucial SSD Intel HD Graphics 520\nVidia GeForce 920MX
  10. Hi i just tried updating my Lilu.kext because i read if AppleALC is not working you must update to the latest Lilu.kext. I updated Lilu, Whatevergreen,AppleaALC and AirBrodomfixup but i get stuck in a boot loop after restarting. This is the screen i get basically it states loaded kexts:none attempting system restart and goes into a boot loop https://imgur.com/a/hYav7jK
  11. @Niresh Can you help please i feel like AppleALC may alos fix my bluetooth headphones/speakers not playing no sound aswell. Also how about booting with the hidpi screen resolution can you help me with that?
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