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  1. @Niresh if there is no solution, can i try to boot with amd radeon graphics?? can u tell me what things do i have to install ( kexts etc )
  2. @Niresh i installer them but it didnt work do i have to install them separately??
  3. @Niresh https://ibb.co/35K1HYR just see this image... Please help...
  4. @Niresh it did’nt work... please help
  5. @Niresh so i’ll fresh install sierra... i dont have to customise anything in the settings when i run the installer right?? also i dont have to edit config.plist i just have to run these kexts right??
  6. @Niresh ok i wasnt writing the command correctly... https://ibb.co/Wc3xGFG here is the image
  7. @Niresh it says command not found
  8. @Niresh How to find that??
  9. Hello! so i tried niresh sierra , installer successfully on dell inspiron laptop... but my graphics are not working... in about this mac, graphics only show 4 mb vram.... when i tried yosemite zone, i got full graphics ( 1024 mb ) my graphics- intel hd 4000 please help..
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