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  1. also in the clover bootmenu under Graphics Injector, the FakeCPI ID is named as FakeID
  2. My Clover version is Clover v2.4k rev 4012
  3. Hi guys, Im having problem on FakeCPUID I aldready setted it up on Ketxt and Devices under Fake CPU ID but still won't save on the bootloader or it does not read the Fake CPU ID
  4. I tried to setup FakeCPUID on the Clover Configurator but it does not reflect on the Bootloader https://imgur.com/HlMm7ev (in this image I already finish typing) Its value is still 0x00000 instead of 0x0306A0 did I do this right? https://imgur.com/DsVIpCk
  5. Here are the images https://imgur.com/BejRPE0 https://imgur.com/PfYAnIm How can I switch from Devices to Intel High Definition Audio? is there a tweak on that on VoodooHDA?
  6. After installing the NVidia Driver I lost the Audio, It only listed the Digital-out (HDMI) but not listing the Intel High Definition Audio
  7. wew.. Got it working I just have to install VoodooHDA v2.8.9 in MultiBeast
  8. But if I see it on System Report I could see that the audio input is detected. the problem is I can't connect it to the sound pane https://imgur.com/L4RvBkl https://imgur.com/Co98hgj
  9. CPU: Intel Core i5 GPU: Nvidia GTX 750ti RAM: 8GB System Model: H310CH5-M2
  10. Hello, I successfully installe Sierra, but theres no Soud, on the System Preference there is a VoodooHDA but it does not play a sound, how to fix this?
  11. This error is not about GPU, its CPU This error appears to be CPU compatibility
  12. Finally got it working, I added FakeCPUID of 0x0306A0 in the bootloader which is under options->GPU->FakeID
  13. Already tried enabling and disabling Secure Boot
  14. I got this results while booting on the OS https://imgur.com/6wiRWPL https://imgur.com/B44TMYt
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