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  1. i've been looking for a few months now for a working kext for a AMD radeon 6570... Could anyone help me find a kext for it? Specs: Amd radeon 6570 (strangely on the fan i see Asus) Amd athlon ll x4 630 4gb DDR2 Ram Hazard snow leopard 10.6.6 currently the res is 1024x768 but is meant to be 1980x1200
  2. also most times i have to re install the graphics driver each time i restart or else i will get a black or white screen
  3. See what i mean http://tinypic.com/r/w9702t/8
  4. My sound is fully fixed but iMovie still gitched. i will also point out there is a very thin line at the top of my screen showing the running indicators (the running indicators from the dock are at the top)
  5. yes the menu bar is transparent and my motherboard is an M720-us3
  6. q1 how you check the qe/ci acceleratoon? Q2 yes it does showup on photobooth on startup but its temporeral. Q3 what do you mean by copy the movie files into the project?
  7. my sound card seems to be integrated into my gigabyte motherboard ( and the speakers are the Creative Inspire I-Trigue 3300
  8. the only driver i dont have is the sound driver
  9. this is my cpu z graphics specs if needed: http://prntscr.com/4btjzw
  10. After i installed iMovie and attempted to make a movie the preview screen was glitched and was impossible to see. All my drivers are installed. Help would be appreciated picture: specs: AMD Athlon II X4 630 Processor 4GB DDR2 ram AMD Radeon HD 6570 graphics card chipset
  11. after finding a driver that was the case. the pre installed drives didn't work so i installed another one and it works like a charm Thank you very much
  12. also as i mentioned this is in safe mode, because if i boot with no flags it comes up with a white/grey screen EDIT: The graphic card is an AMD Radeon HD 6570
  13. About the hdmi Audio there is a box somewhere in the chameleon wizard that you have to check
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