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  1. Anyone have any clues? I tried booting with -v graphicsenabler=no npci=0x3000 and pciroot=1/0 and it won't work, all my bios settings are proper, i wouldn't be posting here for something that simple it just seems that every flag i try either does something and leads me to a different problem, or doesn't change anything
  2. They're both already set to that just double checked.
  3. anyone? i wanna get this to work but nothing seems to be working.
  4. http://m.imgur.com/4DekbBN After a bit of playing with it I get here, it then alternates between still waiting for root device, and FireWire GUID 000000000000000000000 is invalid!
  5. Stops at SMC successful initialized http://imgur.com/EByFTha It just freezes there.
  6. http://m.imgur.com/3JRNWLJ Thatsnthe best picture I am able of taking at the moment hope it's readable.
  7. When I get home I will, i could read it but i agree it could be more clear apologies, was using my tablet to take the picture.
  8. http://www.macbreaker.com/2012/01/list-of-common-hackintosh-boot-flags_29.html Here are some useful boot flags idk if any will help but they might.
  9. Okay I've downloaded niresh 10.9.0 and I get into the boot loader and no matter what flags I use the boot fails. Here's a -v with me using just amd64 and -nossse3bit http://imgur.com/TFxbjdt IMG size too large to upload Mobo: Asus m4n75td Processor: and phenom x4 955 8gb ddr3 ram Radeon 6770 It's just stuck there any help would be great thanks!
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