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  1. I figured it out! What a really weird fix. I found this solution from another post I discovered through a lot of research! I cannot believe it truly was a simple fix. I made sure to select on my VMware for the OS I was installing as: "Microsoft Windows 7 64Bit" after that I selected the correct options in the "Customize" before the install, and man what an amazing result!!
  2. After many days of tinkering on my ASUS m4a88t-m/usb3, I finally got Niresh 10.9.0 Installed successfully in a VMware Workstation (version 10) VM. But the mouse is not working 100% to be usable because it acts like a trackpad and the mouse jumps around sporadically clicking and selecting.. I know for a fact that that it may be a Kext or driver issue, because it works in the setup screen before you initiate the install. This issue makes it even harder to fix the issue since you need the mouse to fix this type of issue within the GUI. I am wondering if there is a workaround to fix this issue, without trying to fix it through the already installed VM? Is there any way easily to get the driverkext into settings for my mouse before the install of the MAC OS X initiation. I am able to navigate a little with just keyboard in the GUI.. although navigating with just the keyboard is a lot different than windows so I am having issues.. I was able to navigate to the settings -> mouse and trackpad both say none are installed... so not even sure what it thinks my input device is. Anyways.. any suggestions would be much appreciated! Thank you! P.S. Any other info you need please let me know! -TechnoHunter
  3. I am having this same problem, and I am trying to install the drivers to get rid of this bug, but it is really hard I agree!! NIRESH!! HELP!!!
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