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  1. Also, just tried the config.plist file. Nope. Didn't work.
  2. According to Clover Configurator, I have: AppleImageCodec-64, AppleKeyAggregator-64, AppleUITheme-64, DataHubDxe-64, FirmwareVolume-64, SMCHelper-64, OsxAptioFix2Dvr-64, OsxFatBinaryDrv-64, PartitionDxe-64, VBoxHfs-64 and NTFS-64.
  3. After installing Mojave, I noticed there was nothing on Clover except the Windows 10 partition. I tried booting from a HZ High Sierra USB, and I could see everything. I tried updating Clover, and the problem is still there.
  4. @Niresh @Niresh So, I could get the Hackintosh going. Everything was right. Clover doesn't crashes. It just pauses everything, so I thought it crashed. I tried reinstalling the system because Vanilla Mojave didn't work properly with my computer (Hackintosh Mojave distro when!?). I updated Clover. But now I get this error when I select the main macOS partition.
  5. @Niresh I could install Mojave. The system detected the video driver, and I could install the VoodooHDA kext. But now I don't have internet. When I try to click the plus symbol in the Network options, the settings app crashes.
  6. You need to enable UEFI Boot from the BIOS.
  7. Clover loads. But when I try to modify the boot arguments, the bootloader freezes.
  8. I found something. "UEFI Boot". It was disabled, so I enabled it. Now it boots without USB. Still, I get a very basic, text-based, boot menu. To properly boot my Hackintosh, I have to type "GraphicsEnabler=No", and select the HDD. How do I get a graphic boot loader, with settings and such?
  9. CPU: Intel Core i7 (2nd Gen) (3.40 GHz) GPU: nVidia Geforce GT 740 (VRAM: 2 GB) RAM: 12 GB That's everything I can confirm now. I don't know how to get the motherboard model without taking the computer apart. I heard that's dangerous.
  10. Full computer specs or just the motherboard? And how do I see the model? Is there something like a Speccy alt for macOS?
  11. I've tried Clover, nothing. Chameleon, same thing.
  12. I decided to just install High Sierra. It worked. So I don't need help anymore. Thanks for replying though. How do I label this thread as "Solved"?
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